Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker Sensor: Secret Weapon to Eliminate Strobe

Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker Sensor

Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker Sensor

Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker Sensor

Today Xiaomi phone on weibo published a detailed article about strobes. Which explains uses of Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker Sensor in day to day life and also explained why annoying strobes come when taking pictures and how to eliminate it.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker Sensor Demonstration

Why are there always annoying strobes when taking pictures?

I believe that everyone has encountered the following awkward scenes when taking photos with mobile phones:

These stripes not only affect the picture effect, some even block the content we are going to shoot, and it is difficult to remove even after the use.

Strobe streaks appearing under street lights

Where do these stripes come from? Why can Xiaomi 10 better “avoid” these stripes? This starts with the strobe phenomenon.

What is a strobe?

Strobe streaking is when we observe the screen of another electrical appliance from the screen of the mobile phone. In the shooting picture of the mobile phone, there will be a bright line from the bottom of the screen to the top, and it will appear from the bottom of the screen.

Strobe streaks common when taking photos

Why do strobes occur?

There are two conditions to produce strobe fringes:

At this time, if we are using an “electronic rolling exposure camera”, we shoot with a shorter exposure time. Because the exposure time of each line is different, the energy obtained may also be different; then the light energy received on different photosensitive surfaces is different, which results in stroboscopic streaks on the image.

How to eliminate pesky strobes?

Now that we understand the cause of streaks, we can “remedy the situation” by detecting the frequency of the light source, obtaining the period of the light source, and then calculating the exposure time of the camera, thereby completely eliminating the occurrence of streaks.

Schematic diagram of streak removal process

Why do ordinary mobile phones have a strobe phenomenon?

They lack effective light source detection hardware. Traditional anti-flicker is based on screen content detection. The disadvantages are:

How can Xiaomi 10 completely eliminate strobes?

In order to eliminate flicker more accurately, Xiaomi Mi 10 independently uses a flicker sensor, which is a sensor that samples ambient light.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker sensor

Xiaomi Mi 10 Flicker Sensor’s unique features are:

Knowing the frequency of the light source knows the period. We can adjust the exposure time to be an integer multiple of the light source detection period to “synchronize” the exposure speed with the light source.

Now we turn on the camera of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, click “Settings”-“Anti-flicker”-“Auto”, the anti-flicker function will take effect.

Enable anti-flicker function

I took another shot of the streaks, and the “strobe streaks” completely disappeared.

Effectively eliminate strobe

Let’s look at the comparison chart before and after the switch is anti-flicker:

Comparison of before and after switch anti-flicker

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