Redmi K30 Pro White Version 1st Look; Coming with 4D game vibration

Redmi K30 Pro White Version

Redmi K30 Pro White Version

Redmi K30 Pro White Version

This morning, Redmi officially released a rendering of the Redmi K30 Pro white version, and at same time officially announced that Redmi officially became “Fast and Furious 9” in 2020 in China Exclusive mobile partner.

Redmi K30 Pro White Version

From the picture, the white rear shell of the K30 Pro should be made of matte AG technology, which is more transparent than the white version of the Xiaomi 10 Pro.

Partnership with Fast and Furious

Redmi K30 Pro will be officially released on March 24, with the slogan “Speed ​​and Passion”. It has been revealed in the preheating that Redmi K30 Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 and will not be a beggar version flagship.

Redmi K30 Pro Blue

After the relevant basic configuration was announced, today Redmi’s official Weibo began to announce the detailed configuration of the K30 Pro, such as a linear motor.

Redmi K30 Pro linear motor

From the official description, the new machine is equipped with a linear motor that claims to have the touch of a mechanical gear, ultra-fast response and clear direction. In addition, this linear motor also supports “gaming level” 4D game vibration and vibration optimization of 153 MIUI scenes.

Vibration Comparison Redmi K30 Pro vs Honor V30 Pro

Redmi K30 Pro VC Cooling

Let’s put the conclusion first: After an hour of heavy gaming, Redmi K30 Pro is 3.2°C lower than V30 Pro.

Redmi K30 Pro vs Honor V30 Pro Heating

Redmi K30 Pro, this time, we have fully packed the thermal design. It is equipped with the largest area of ​​stainless steel VC in the field of smartphones, with an area of ​​3435mm², while the main heat sink of the flagship V30 Pro is only 914mm². Measured, the real picture is shown; the heat dissipation area is about 3 times larger.

Redmi K30 Pro VC Cooling

The energy efficiency ratio of the Snapdragon 865 used by the K30 Pro is better than that of the Kirin 990 5G used by the V30 Pro. At the same time, the heat dissipation capability of the K30 Pro is more visible to the naked eye.

Liquid-cooled VC cooling: If you like to watch racing movies, you must have heard of “liquid nitrogen acceleration”. This is also the case with mobile phones. Under high performance, core components will heat up and performance will be reduced after heating.

In the method of improving heat dissipation, VC (Hot Plate) is a high-end technology, which is equivalent to folding the heat dissipation on the plane into a body structure, which dissipates heat faster. At the same time, there are 9 temperature measurement points hidden in the K30’s motherboard, which is accurate in temperature measurement and more accurate in temperature control. The effect is: if you play the phone for a long time, the speed is more stable, and the phone is not hot.

In terms of hardware, the new machine will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, built-in LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, providing a front-lift camera and a rear Oreo four-shot, reaching the standard that a flagship machine should be.

In addition, from the current situation, the new machine should also be divided into two versions of the standard version and the zoom version, and it is also the first time that the Redmi brand uses an optical image stabilization camera.

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