Meizu 17 5G Release in April: Meizu’s Thanksgiving on 17th Anniversary

Meizu 17 release date

Meizu 17

Meizu’s 17th Anniversary And Meizu 17 5G

Today Meizu Mobile officially announced that it will strive to release the Meizu 17 5G flagship mobile phone in April. At the same time, the official also posted a thank you letter for Meizu’s 17th anniversary via Weibo.

Meizu 17th Anniversary

Meizu was officially established on March 14th , 17 years ago . At the same time, Meizu also expressed its gratitude to Meizu , friends and partners in the letter. The official also stated in the open letter that Meizu 17 will meet with you in April.

As the flagship product and transformation of Meizu’s 17th anniversary, the only thing that can be confirmed is that Meizu 17 will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 + X55 5G chip. At the same time, Meizu 17 will be the top ten worldwide Meizu Wi-Fi 6 patents reported. There is also a good chance that it will be equipped. As the release date gets closer, I believe more and more details will be presented, let’s wait and see.

The full translated letter of Meizu Technology is as follows:

On March 14th, 17 years ago, Meizu was established. For 17 years, Meizu is fortunate to be well known and loved by everyone. At this time every year we receive a lot of blessings to make the ordinary day less ordinary.
At this time, we, a group of red eyed adults who have been preparing for the four seasons, look like children who are sitting at the door of the birthday party but have not prepared gifts.
In the face of everyone’s blessings, only gratitude is in our hearts.
Thanks to the charm friends who have supported Meizu for so many years. Meizu’s path is not a trendy avenue. It is your company that makes this path not lonely. No matter where you come from, even if you have turned away, it is the most cherished meaning in Meizu’s life.
Thank you to the senior political and business leaders who have supported us for a long time, as well as media teachers and technocrats who have loved or praised you silently. A company whose product is larger than business and poorly marketed, and a maverick existence in the mobile phone industry, have worried everyone during the growth process.
Thanks to our supply chain partners who believe in Meizu ’s unique observation of users and paranoid insights into products, and pursue the ultimate with us and narrow the door. Without your help, Meizu will not be able to renew itself, but it will still be Meizu.
Thank you for helping us to recommend Meizu’s products to dealer partners in China and dozens of countries and regions overseas. It is your efforts to let Flyme’s balloons fly over the mountains and seas, and let “love” become a common language across foreign countries.
Thanks to my friends who have run together on the most intense track of consumer electronics and mobile Internet in the world for more than a decade. Technology should be good and always serve others. In the 5G era, we look forward to continuing to “catch up with you” to provide more choices for global users.
Thank you to everyone who has worked side by side for 17 years. The dream brings everyone from all corners of the world together, and every highlight moment of Meizu has your light and heat. Maybe at this point you are already elsewhere, but still look forward to our progress together and continue to share our glory.
Finally, I would also like to thank all the Meizu people, supply chains and partners who worked hard for the Meizu 17 5G flagship phone during the epidemic, especially the 43 outstanding colleagues who are still staying at their home in Hubei. We are extremely proud of the strong and positive voice you have sent in remote meetings.
The epidemic has really slowed down our pace with time, but in any case, in the last days of polishing Meizu 17, we will be more careful, do not dare to save a labor, and dare not reduce one gram of material resources.
“Hundreds of strikes are still strong, and the wind is strong, and the wind is strong. We hope to go all out. Meizu 17 will be able to catch the spring in April and meet the warm wind of the Pacific Ocean together with the most beautiful Le Dujuan in Pearl City. , Confident blooming.

– Meizu Technology

It’s 17th anniversary of the founding of Meizu, and its first new 5G phone in 2020 has made users look forward to it for a long time. Today, the official finally brought the news that Meizu 17 5G will be released in April, and also met many Meizu friends expectations.

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