Dual-IC touch Gaming Shoulder Key with 300Hz Sampling Coming with Red Magic 5G

Red Magic 5G Dual-IC touch Gaming Shoulder Key

Red Magic 5G Dual-IC touch Gaming Shoulder Key

Red Magic 5G Mars Red And Mens Red Color Exposure

Following the official exposure of the Red Magic 5G earlier, Ni Fei, Nibia President stated that the first rehearsal of the press conference had been completed, and photos of two new models of Nubia Red Magic 5G which supports Dual-IC touch Gaming Shoulder key with different colors were exposed – Red Magic 5G Mars Red and Red+Blue; later also released high quality posters of both colors.

As can be seen from the posters, Mars Red Magic 5G mars red after the addition of the central back area of the subject composed of black, the red hue overall basis, while the center position of the phone back on both sides of a pale yellow composition , the overall color scheme very beautiful and full of energy. Second color is made with mix of half red and half blue color.

For the red version of the Red Magic 5G new machine on the left , Ni Fei said: Many magic beans said that the color of the Red Magic used to be very hard-core and straight. Now there are many female mobile game players . Therefore, the Red Magic 5G has specially designed a more beautiful color “Mars Red”.

Dual-IC touch Gaming Shoulder Key

Ni Fei also confirmed that upcoming Red Magic 5G is equipped with dual-IC touch gaming shoulder key, which will challenges the limit, the 300Hz touch sampling rate, and the response is very shocking.

Dual-IC touch Gaming Shoulder

According to the disclosed information, the Red Magic 5G uses a 144Hz gaming screen, supports SA and NSA dual-mode 5G, a battery capacity of 4500mAh, and supports 55W flash charge.

Red magic 5G has a set of dual super-linear speakers, with loud, loud, stereophonic volume. The anti-distortion algorithm of the speaker is adjusted separately, which makes the sound quality of the loudspeaker more fidelity and effectively reduces the influence of noise and also equipped with game specific mic.

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