OPPO Find X2 Pro Display Review: The Masterpiece of The Top Screen

Oppo find x2 pro display and camera review

Oppo find x2 pro display review

Oppo Find X2 Pro Display Review; Camera Sample and Specifications, Battery and Charging, Software and Hardware

On March 6, OPPO officially released the Find X2 series mobile phone, which has a super-sensitive screen, a Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform, a 65W super flash charge and a super-sensing full-focus imaging system. It is equipped with a new ColorOS 7.1, and brings experience such as video super dual anti-shake function and super-sensitive image quality engine. Today, oppo find x2 pro display review and camera details we bring here.

I believe most consumers will consider OPPO Find X in 2018 as one of the most impressive mobile phones. After all, the more brilliant the product, the more people will naturally recognize it. However, the main theme of the consumer electronics market is iteration. As time goes by, of course, we are more and more looking forward to the sequel. Finally, to this day, it is the end. Just released OPPO Find X2 Pro, how it will continue to write legends, let’s take a look now.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

If you expect “Find X’s sequel” to find Find X2 Pro, you may be disappointed at first sight, because compared to Find X’s shocking ID, Find X2 Pro is basically a public face, hyperbolic front and back, Full screen hole in display, single-row three-shot in the upper left corner of the back, we have not only seen the design, but even OPPO has used it.

This means that the priority of Find X2 Pro is not look. Of course, if the requirements are lower, if you look at the standard of a flagship machine, the completion of Find X2 Pro is still good. For example, the width of the chin on the front bezel, the color tone of the PU leather and the touch on the back, the connection between materials, and the relatively good weight control in the flagship, etc., although there is no creativity like the previous one, but As a flagship, it is still quite exquisite. To paraphrase one of its peers, “not awesome but very expensive”.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Display Review

Since appearance is not the point, where is the point? In fact, it is the screen, which can be seen from the OPPO official’s hard warm-up before the conference. Find X2 Pro This screen, you know its power from the parameters, 3K resolution on the long side (3168×1440), 120Hz refresh, 240Hz touch sampling, Samsung E3 AMOLED, 10bit display, put these five big items together, There is currently no second in the industry.

Display Settings

Of course, anyone can introduce the parameters. Since the real machine is in hand, let’s try to let everyone actually experience how much the experience of Find X2 Pro’s screen can bring.

Oppo find x2 pro display settings

The first is a static display test as a reserved program. Find X2 Pro is also calibrated at the factory, just like several flagships just released recently. But the difference is that other people basically only calibrate for one color gamut of sRGB or P3, while Find X2 Pro calibrates both color gamuts, among which the soft mode is sRGB and the new theater mode corresponds to P3. Of course, the original look and feel The vivid mode is also retained. From the measured data, brightness and color accuracy are well-deserved, which is enough to rank at the top of the current industry.

Color SpaceP3sRGBP3
Manual maximum brightness nits533.11533.11533.11
Average color deviation3.240.810.97
Average color temperature K7764765426537
NTSC color gamut97.45%71.47%96.43%
Excited brightness nits837837837

The second is the 120Hz refresh rate. The concept of high refresh rate is familiar to everyone. As long as the image output is full, the higher the refresh rate, the more consistent the screen display and the smoother the senses. So how smooth is 120Hz? It ’s not okay to just rely on your mouth, but I suggest you take a look at the video footage shot in 150 frames in slow motion below and experience it with your own eyes.

Find X2 Pro Vs Iphone 11 Pro Max Display

As for the 10-bit display, it is intended to show a smoother color change through a finer color gradation distribution. The actual effect is that there are no obvious faults in the display that changes continuously in light and dark. You can look at the following test screen to observe the display effect of Find X2 Pro. In the 10-bit box on the right, the color transition is more uniform, while the ordinary 8-bit models will see more obvious faults with naked eyes.

Find X2 Pro Vs Iphone 11 Pro Max Display

The above is the hard quality of this panel, but it is not all for the concept of screen experience. After all, we often cannot find the corresponding display resources such as watching videos in daily use. Therefore, for a better experience, Equipped with a corresponding display enhancement system, the corresponding function on Find X2 Pro is the “O1 Super Sensitive Image Quality Engine”. The hardware solution is based on Iris 5 of Pixelworks. The main features are MEMC supplementary frame and SDR to HDR. Both support local video. And mainstream video platforms including Tencent and iQiyi.

Iris 5 of Pixelworks

Among them, MEMC supplementary frames are believed by many readers. After all, the television industry uses a lot. By observing the characteristics of object motion, it calculates missing frames and displays them. Find X2 Pro supports supplementary frames to 60 under 1440P, and 1080P Down to 120 frames. As for the effect, in the test material shot below at 150 frames, compared with no supplementary frame, the Find X2 Pro screen is much smoother, and the algorithm is more complete, and there is no visible image fragmentation.

Find X2 Pro Vs Iphone 11 Pro Max Display

The SDR to HDR is designed to improve the look and feel, such as the picture color and the visibility of light and dark parts. In the following real shot material, you can find that after turning on SDR to HDR, the saturation increases and the details look sharper.


So seeing this, I believe that you already know how strong the Find X2 Pro screen is. Then it’s time to move on to the next topic.

Software And Hardware

As we all know, the essential difference between flagship and non-flagship is actually a hardware platform. All flagships will at least have a set of “flagship standard”. This year’s standard is Snapdragon 865 + X55. Of course, Find X2 Pro also has LPDDR. 5. UFS 3.0, USB3.0, dual speakers, NFC, IP68, horizontal linear motors, etc. are also available. It can be said that there are some.

In terms of system, Find X2 Pro is equipped with OPPO’s latest Color OS 7.1, which is based on Android 10. Compared with the previous Color OS 7, the more obvious change is the sound effect update. It’s core is OPPO Relax, which is designed to let your phone help you rest. Compared to the focus mode that did not let your phone bother you, it can be said that it is more further.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Specifications

In specific implementation, OPPO Relax uses a trigger method similar to fitness games to assist breathing, and assists to focus, sleep, etc. based on soothing background music and ambient sounds. Some of the ambient sounds are also based on Dolby Atmos, which is indeed true in experience is very relaxing.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Camera

In addition to the screen, another key point of Find X2 Pro is the camera. OPPO’s idea of ​​making images this time is actually similar to making screens. It must be better than the opponent from the hardware.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

The specific configuration of Find X2 Pro is shown in the following table. The main sensor is the new Sony IMX689 or 48-megapixel QuadBayer, but the size has been increased from 0.8 μm to 1.12 μm, and the sensitivity has been greatly enhanced. Last year’s IMX586 moved this time. At ultra-wide angle, not only makes up for the shortcomings of last year’s ultra-wide-angle pixels, but also one of the most luxurious ultra-wide-angle sensors in the industry today. Finally, there is a periscope telephoto consistent with last year’s Reno 10x specifications. With three focal lengths, the hardware level of Find X2 Pro is now top-notch.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Camera Module Details

Main CameraSuper wide angleTelephotoFront Camera
Model IMX689IMX586S5K3M5IMX616

In addition, in order to match the 10-bit display, Find X2 Pro also allows the imaging system to fully support 10-bit video recording, specifically 8-bit JPG photos, 10-bit RAW files (dng) for sub-shots, 12-bit RAW for main-shots, and 8-bit for ordinary videos. Live HDR recording 10bit.

At the same time, the highlights of previous OPPO models have also been retained, including dual-focus super anti-shake, sub-camera night scene and so on.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Camera interface
Oppo Find X2 Pro Camera interface

However, due to time and space, I will not compare the proofs with other competing products here. If you want to enjoy the effect, you can see the following groups. In terms of overall impression, in addition to OPPO’s consistent bright color style, the dynamic range of Find X2 performs very well, which can justify each other with the outsole.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Camera Sample

Battery & Charging

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of the Find X2 Pro is 4260mAh, which is mainstream among flagships this year. The battery life is too late to test, and the relevant content is left for subsequent updates.

On the charging side, although it is not the upgrade point of Find X2 Pro, SuperVOOC 2.0 inherited from Reno Ace is still one of the fastest fast charging in the industry, and it seems that there is no need for upgrading. The maximum power measured on the line exceeds 55W. It takes 33 minutes to fill 100% from 0, which is still as fast as expected.

Final words

In general, although Find X2 Pro is indeed a sequel to Find X, which is essentially the top flagship that shows the image of strength enhancement, this Find is not the same as Find. The difference between the two is profound.

The previous year’s Find X was stunning by its Appearance. Find received the deep design and stacking power of OPPO. Today’s Find X2 Pro is more focused on “training internal skills” and aims to focus on the industry’s top screen The breakthrough, supplemented by stronger images and traditional fast charging, furthermore, on the basis of the flagship level, it surpassed competitors through these three advantages. It can be said that what it finds is not only the right to speak of the supply chain represented by 120Hz Samsung AMOLED panels and Sony IMX689, but also the R&D accumulation that can be turned into an experience advantage work

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