Black Shark 3 Official Unboxing And Promotional Video Released

Black Shark 3 Official Unboxing

Black Shark 3 Series

On March 3 evening, Tencent Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro gaming phone was officially released online. This machine is the world’s first 5G gaming phone built by Black Shark Technology in conjunction with Tencent Games and Xiaomi. Display, sound quality, lighting effects, software systems and other areas have bright spots. Today, Black Shark 3 official unboxing and promotional video released.

Black Shark 3 Promotional Video

Black Shark 3 designed for players – Key Highlights

Black Shark 3 Promotional Video

Black Shark 3 Promotional Video

The design concept and guidelines that Black Shark Design has always followed: it is player-centered and designed around players, from appearance, materials, visuals, interaction , In-depth optimization at all levels, prioritizing player needs and pain points.

Designed for players, serving players, fully considering the perceptibility of ergonomic design, emphasizing the comfort of the game in horizontal grip mode. This is a completely symmetrical design around the X core on the Black Shark 3 series, and the core area design of the energy triangle. The key is that the same grip feeling of the left and right hands, and the support of the fingers on the laminated surface of the core area of ​​the energy triangle make the mobile phone more stable and durable.

In terms of craftsmanship, the player’s experience is also the core. The integrated middle frame is finely polished, the touch is delicate and exquisite, and the ultimate glass processing is unique and dazzling.

The design of the black shark has not been prepared for everyone, it has been differentiated and has a personalized label. Born for games and for competition, never succumb to mainstream channels.

Black Shark Official 3 Unboxing

Black Shark 3 Official Unboxing

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