Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Solve the Pain of Gamers

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

Yesterday in evening, the Black Shark 3 gaming phone series was officially released. This is also the first 5G gaming phone released so far. It caused a lot of vibration in the small category of game phones. To this end, some competing products have also started to promote their own new products – Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone. This includes the first e-sports gaming phone that Lian wants to bring.

General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Business Department, after watching the Black Shark 3 press conference, said:

Volkswagen’s chassis cannot create a Ferrari. The new company’s new cooling architecture should not be said to be born for gaming, but to “upgrade” for gaming. It is true that the experience will be much better than other mobile phones, but it will face several problems, such as: 1. There is a difference in the temperature of the left and right hands in the grip area when playing games; 2. The architecture is limited, and there is no way to continuously charge at the highest power, which is what we once did. Reasons for conceiving and then abandoning similar architecture solutions.

Rather than upgrading, what the legion will do is innovation—a disruptive new architecture that not only can fundamentally solve the pain points of game phone users, it must also bring more surprises!

– General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Business Department

Representative doesn’t provide which technology will bring change, but it’s definitely about charging, battary and about cooling technology. This e-sports gaming phone from Lenovo has the same name as its own PC product, and is a series of flagship games.

What’s more worth looking forward to is that this is the first time that the industry leader in the PC has ventured into the category of gaming mobile phones. Lenovo’s mobile phones are so average, but I believe that with so many gaming PC team blessings, there should be some surprises in mobile phones.

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

This product is also expected to be released in the near future according to the current new product release situation and Official promotional about Snapdragon 865 processor and 600K Antutu Benchmark.

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