Oppo Watch Key Specifications Announced; Break the Boundaries

Oppo Watch Key Specifications

Oppo Watch Key Specifications

At OPPO’s March 6 press conference, in addition to the flagship Find X2, OPPO’s first wearable OPPO smartwatch series will also be officially unveiled. Official finally announced the name of this smartwatch: “OPPO Watch”. Today oppo also announced some flagship level Oppo Watch key specifications and quoted Break the boundaries of contact anytime, anywhere.

Oppo Watch Key Specifications

Regarding OPPO Watch, the official and many users have previously exposed the appearance of this smart watch in detail. It uses a curved screen design, much like the iWatch, and the rectangular dial is also the same as many smart watches on the market. In this regard, the official said that this is to consider interaction and display efficiency and maximize the use of internal component layout space.

Regardless of appearance, according to the latest poster released by OPPO, the most important part of this watch is that it will also support calls. At the same time, when OPPO officially promoted this watch, it also tweeted the three major operators in the Weibo comment area. It can be seen that OPPO Watch should have built-in eSIM modules and support the eSIM services of the three major operators.

OPPO Watch is the first step for OPPO to start building its own ecological service. It is believed that starting from watches, OPPO will continue to bring more products in the field of life to enrich its product line.


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