Black Shark FUNCOOLER PRO; Upgraded Back Clip Also Coming

Black Shark ice-cooled back clip pro

Black Shark ice-cooled back clip pro

Black Shark Funcooler Pro

The black shark ice-cooled back clip that was unveiled at the Mi 10 conference must be very impressed. Recently, many users have personally expressed my love for the back clip. Everyone’s recognition of the cooling effect of the back clip is very pleased.

Along with the release of Black Shark 3, a new Black Shark ice-cooled back clip pro also known as Black Shark FUNCOOLER PRO will be released. This back clip has a new black shark mecha style, and upgraded the cooling chip specifications and fans. The heat dissipation system allows the mobile phone to drop by 14°C at a temperature of 25°C in 1 minute, and the cooling capacity is stronger.

What’s more interesting is that the Black Shark Ice-Cooled Cooling Back Clip Pro is equipped with RGB lighting effects with high user voice, supports user customisation, and supports Bluetooth Smart Connect. Users can monitor the temperature of the back clip in real time through the APP and control the heat dissipation gear. This back clip and APP can be used by both Android and IOS users.


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