Black Shark 3 Cooling Technology; Sandwich Style Liquid-cooling system

Black Shark 3 Cooling Technology, Black Shark 3 Cooling system

Black Shark 3 Cooling Technology

Introduction to Black Shark 3 Cooling Technology

The Black Shark 3 Series about release, and official begun warm-up it features. The biggest feature of this machine is lifting physical gaming buttons and screen pressure sensitivity. The two methods cooperate, which is comparable to the 6-finger operation of the end game. Today Black Shark Executive introduced Black shark 3 cooling technology.

Black Shark 3 Cooling Technology

The hardware configuration just determines the ultimate ability that the mobile phone theory can reach, and what really determines its actual performance is the overall heat dissipation design.

From the multi-stage direct-contact liquid-cooled heat dissipation of the black shark first generation, to the dual-liquid cooling system of the second generation, to the third-generation liquid-cooled plate plus liquid-cooled tube heat source partition.

The advent of the 5G era brings higher bandwidth and lower latency, but also greater heat consumption. With the advent of more and more high-quality mobile games, the traditional half-board architecture is difficult to apply to the 5G era gaming phone.

Black Shark 3 Cooling Technology

Black Shark 3 is scheduled to be released online at 19:30 on March 3. This will be the first 5G gaming phone. It will also be equipped with a 270Hz touch sampling rate screen, equipped with Snapdragon 865, LPDDR5 memory, UFS 3.0 flash memory, and Antutu Benchmark ran for more than 620,000 points and won first place.

Black Shark 3 Cooling Technology


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