Red Magic 5G Cooling Technology; Fan + Liquid Cooling System

Red Magic 5G Cooling Technology; Fan + Liquid Cooling System 1

Red Magic 5G Cooling Technology

This week, the Red Magic 5G gaming mobile phone access map has been officially circulated online. The red and blue color mobile phone photos are completely different from some current mobile phones in terms of color matching, and they are very recognizable. Earlier, the real machine’s hands-on map is also Finally appeared. Today, Ni Fei introduced Red Magic 5G Cooling technology which uses fan + liquid cooling system.

Red Magic 5G Cooling Technology; Fan + Liquid Cooling System

Everyone knows that this aspect of cooling technology has always been our specialty. We firmly believe that only heat conduction and heat dissipation are rogues, and this time the fan + liquid cooling of Red Magic 5G has been greatly enhanced and improved.

Liquid cooling is not enough for heat conduction. The Red Magic 5G has a built-in high-efficiency centrifugal fan. In this generation, Red Magic 5G achieved 15,000 rpm (the previous generation was 14,000 rpm). Through CAE simulation technology, the fan blade shape and inlet were optimized. Angle to further improve the cooling efficiency of the fan. The newly designed and upgraded north-south air duct (the overall surface area of ​​the air duct radiator is increased by 56%), which has increased the ventilation volume by 43% and the heat exchange capacity by 30%. It is equipped with a high-conductivity aviation-grade aluminum alloy to conduct heat. The coefficient has been increased by 100%.

In fact, it is not easy to pursue excellence and continue to strengthen heat dissipation. In order to enhance the effect of air cooling, Nubia Red Magic 5G use high-performance thermally conductive gel to contact the north-south air passages.

In addition to the large number of dispensing positions and high cost, there are three major problems that need to be overcome:

In response to this challenge, the R & D brothers and sisters still chose to persist in overcoming difficulties and repeatedly tackling key problems. They finally succeeded and have been officially used on the Red Magic 5G.

In terms of configuration, the front of the Red Magic 5G gaming phone will use a 6.65 inch display. According to previous reports, the phone will support a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, with a resolution of 2340 * 1080. The machine also has a built-in 4400mAh battery, supports 55W fast charge, and the body size is 168.56x78x9.75mm. The machine is expected to be released in March.


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