Black Shark 3 Pro Advanced Gaming Control And Dual Zone Pressure Sensitivity

Black Shark 3 Pro Advanced Gaming Control

Black Shark 3 Pro Advanced Gaming Control

Black Shark 3 Pro Advanced Gaming Control

For the player’s gaming experience, Black Shark has done a lot of things. This time, Exclusive black technology, the screen pressure-sensing function, has been upgraded again, and it is paired with two physical mechanical lifting game buttons to truly achieve six-finger control.

The Black Shark 3 Pro has two key control methods: mechanical buttons and screen pressure sensitivity. The mechanical buttons are designed according to ergonomics.

To Introduce Black Shark Advanced Gaming Control, Black Shark Also released video below.

Black Shark 3 Pro Advanced Gaming Control Demo ( Re-upload for better experience)

When horizontally held, the player is guaranteed to perform high-frequency clicks without affecting the screen operation, which is suitable for functions that need to be triggered frequently in games. Combined with the auxiliary operation of screen pressure sensitivity, the two methods are used at the same time, and the combat power is doubled.

For example, in FPS games, mechanical buttons act as shooting, opening mirror functions, and screen pressure sensitivity as auxiliary functions such as squatting, lying, jumping, and switching the scope.

The two methods can be used together to allow players to easily achieve 6-finger comparable to the end game operating. For example, you can complete the squat probe instantly and aim at the shot while moving. During the internal testing phase, users also summarized high-end gameplay such as remote squatting shooting, melee worship, flexible running guns, and more.

In MOBA games ( Multiplayer online battle arena ), the left button can be used to fill the knife, and the right button can be used to fill the tower to achieve zero false touches. It can also easily complete precise operations in the melee, and the screen pressure can be used to purchase equipment and use healing skills. Auxiliary combat, greatly reducing the interference operation during the game.

The addition of the Black Shark 3 Pro mechanical buttons, combined with the screen pressure-sensing function, makes the control method more diversified, which fills the shortcomings of mobile games in complex control methods, allowing players to truly experience the sense of human-machine control.

Black Shark 3 Pro The dual-zone Screen Pressure Sensitivity

The dual-zone screen pressure sensitivity is a control technology that Black Shark has its own patent. It has been supported since Black Shark 2. Except for some iPhone models that support single-finger screen pressure sensitivity, only the Black Shark mobile phone can do this in the Android camp.

Black Shark 3 Pro The dual-zone Screen Pressure Sensitivity

Design, the main difficulty of screen pressure sensitivity is to overcome the effects of temperature rise of the whole machine, radio frequency interference, and mutual interference between pressure sensors. At the same time, the accuracy and structural flatness of pressure-sensitive support surface components are extremely high. Developed algorithms such as resistance to temperature shock, enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, and self-calibration of pressure sensitivity, as well as accurate laser measurement of each assembly process of the production line, ensuring consistent pressure across the entire screen area, and realizing a stable and reliable screen pressure sensitivity function.

This time, the entire Black Shark 3 is equipped with a new generation of screen pressure-sensing 3.0 technology. Compared with the previous two generations, in addition to overcoming the above-mentioned harsh technical difficulties, the number of sensors has been doubled, and the pressure-sensitive effective area and trigger accuracy have been further improved.

At the same time, the support for four-finger manipulation is optimized. With a professionally adjusted linear motor, players can feel close to real physical feedback when triggering pressure.

The screen pressure-sensing function has unique advantages in mobile games. For example, in MOBA games, you can instantly add blood and change clothes through the pressure-sensing function during mobile attacks. In FPS games, press and shoot when moving and aiming, and press when you are in position. Lie down instantly to make players react faster and operate more conveniently.

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