Red Magic 5G Live Photo and Key Specs Revealed

Red Magic 5G Live Photo

Red Magic 5G Live Photo

Earlier Red Magic 5G appearance exposed on MIIT website. Today, Gamebench published performance test results of device and revealed Red Magic 5G live photo.

As we can see from Red Magic 5G live photo, big X printed on back in blue and red color. Rear camera is vertically arranged in center of device, above the camera flash light is located.

Red Magic 5G Live Photo

The central position is also equipped with breathing lights Design, and the 5G logo is also prominently arranged on the back of the phone, highlighting its identity as a 5G gaming phone.

From this long photo, the design of the Red Magic 5G does not continue from the previous metal back shell, but instead changes to frosted glass. Therefore, for gamers ’mobile phones, the touch of fingers and mobile phones is also Would be better.

Gamebench is service provider for developers to analyze the graphical fluidity, battery consumption, and memory usage of their games and compare performance against competing titles.

According to Gamebench, Red Magic 5G was tested with three different games (Real racing 3, Peach Elite and Arena of Velor) for maximum frame rate check. Real Racing 3, reached Red Magic 3’s maximum frame rate of 144fps but it is limited to 90fps for peach elite and Arena of Velor.

In addition to test results, Gamebench also revealed some specifications of device which we already know.

Red Magic 5G Key specs:

Don’t get confused with battery capacity, according to MIIT certification website, the red magic 5g battery capacity is 4400mAh; but Gamebench mentioned 5000mAh. Gamebench also clearly mentioned that this test results from prototype device and some specifications and performance results may be different from final device.

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