Black Shark 3 Magnetic Charging Solve some Gemer’s Problem

Black Shark 3 Magnetic Charging

Black Shark 3 Magnetic Charging

Black Shark 3 Magnetic Charging

This morning, the official Black Shark gaming phone preheated the new machine as usual. The new machine features announced today are Black shark 3 magnetic charging for the back.

Black Shark 3 Magnetic Charging

Specifically, Black Shark 3 provides magnetic charging accessories, which can be charged on the back of the fuselage for charging, and will not be affected by the charging cable when users play games in horizontal screen.

Black Shark 3 Camera Set-up

Black Shark is probably very confident in it’s own wireless charging technology. Black Shark has released a wireless charging accessory for the mobile phone, “back magnetic charging.” This is probably to solve the pain points of the impact of the cable when charging while playing games. Generally, a game phone is a wire with a charging port bent. Now the wireless charging of the mobile phone can be played with 25W. Black Shark 3 makes the wireless charging pad small and smart.

Black Shark 3 Magnetic Charging

Black Shark 3 Battery Technology

In addition to magnetic charging, the machine also supports 65W ultra-fast flash charging. For the first time, it has an exclusive patented dual-battery “string charge and discharge” power management system. The official said that it can charge 2780mAh in 15 minutes.

According to the official introduction, string charging has the advantage that the current flows through two batteries at the same time, the charging time is halved, and the charging is faster. The battery’s equivalent internal resistance is reduced by half when it is put in parallel, and the shutdown voltage is lower, which allows the battery to release more power, and at the same time has a stronger load capacity, and easily cope with the heavy-load scenario of 5G and games.

In order to realize the series charging and discharging system, Black Shark customized a smart power management chip and two low-resistance e-sports batteries. After 22 months of continuous optimization, it achieved precise control of dual-battery series-parallel switching and power balance.

In addition, the measured charge-discharge cycle life of the Black Shark 3 is more than 30% higher than that of the ordinary flagship. The entire charging and discharging process can achieve 2780mAh charge in 15 minutes, and equivalently discharges 300mAh more power during discharge.

The Black Shark 3 will be released live online on March 3.


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