Realme RMX2075 Antutu Benchmark Scored 600K Plus

Realme RMX2075 Antutu Benchmark

Earlier Realme X50 Pro model RMX2071 appeared on Antutu Benchmark which scored 574985 point. Today Realme vice president shared another Realme X50 Pro model RMX2075’s Antutu Benchmark scores, which surpassed previous scores and become top of all other android flagship phone.

Realme X50 Pro new model RMX2075 Antutu Benchmark scored 603871 overall points and CPU, GPU, Memory and UX scored decided as 183255, 224561, 106897 and 89158 respectively.

Realme RMX2075 Antutu Benchmark

After the release of Snapdragon 865 flagship processor, more and more manufacturer releasing devices with it. Earlier Xiaomi Mi 10 series released with same processor. In meantime Lenovo Gaming phone also teased and promised to Score above 600k points on AnTuTu Benchmark.

At this point, the configuration information of the realme X50 Pro can be summarized as follows: the screen is all Samsung Super AMOLED, 90Hz high refresh rate and, equipped with 65W super flash charge, all series are equipped with GaN charger as standard. The entire series is equipped with Samsung LPDDR5 flash memory, Snapdragon 865, dual-mode 5G network + WiFi 6, with a 64-megapixel main camera, a total of 6 front and rear cameras, 20x hybrid zoom. Realme also released some camera sample earlier.

Realme has officially announced that this phone will be released online on February 24.

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