Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen Coming to Redefine Corporate Office

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen - Screenshot

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen Introduction

Huawei Communication Cloud Service WeChat public account officially announced the enterprise-level hardware product that Huawei will release on the 24th; which includes Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen and will be powered by Hongmeng OS a.k.a. HarmonyOS.

Huawei corporate smart screen brings technology and aesthetics into office space and redefines Big screen for corporate office.

– Stated in Official Poster
Official Poster

Huawei also released a product preview video to briefly introduce Huawei’s enterprise smart screen. Take look yourself.

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen Introduction

According to Huawei, this smart screen product for enterprises can connect mobile phones and computer devices to achieve the effect of multi-screen collaboration. It will also have native conferences, ultra-high-definition, low-latency, cloud application ecology, end-cloud collaboration, multi-terminal collaboration, and many more features. In addition you can operate with touch.

In terms of appearance, Huawei’s enterprise smart screen will be equipped with a camera, a metal structure body, and wheels on the base, which is convenient for use in different office locations.

Different from the previously released home entertainment version of the smart screen, Huawei claims that the enterprise smart screen has four characteristics:

In terms of software, Huawei Enterprise Smart Display uses Huawei’s self-developed Hongmeng OS system. This is a new generation of microkernel and distributed operating system intelligently built by Huawei for the future IoT devices. The core function is multi-device sharing and shared with Huawei notebooks, computers, Huawei tablets, and Huawei’s phones that running on EMUI 10.0 operating system are perfect partners, which are also reflected in the official introduction video.

Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen

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