Experience Xiaomi Mi 10 in Cloud VR; Have you seen Invitation of Conference ?

Experience Xiaomi Mi 10 in Cloud VR

Earlier we have talked about Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro detailed review and also published disassembling of Mi 10 Pro. Today we have brought a way to experience Xiaomi Mi 10 in Cloud VR.

Xiaomi Mi 10 In Cloud VR

Xiaomi has launched a website that allows you to watch Xiaomi Mi 10’s real machine, disassembling, and so on from all directions. It’s a simple website from Xiaomi that allow us to watch Xiaomi Mi 10 in Cloud VR. We have made a demonstration video too. Let’s take a look.

Xiaomi Mi 10 in cloud VR

You can view Xiaomi Mi 10 in 360 degrees online, just like the car home 360 ​​degrees. I took a few pictures for everyone to see, it was really good. You can slso select color option.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Invitation – Xiaomi Mi 10 Satellite Model

On February 13, Xiaomi already released the flagship Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro mobile phone through an online live broadcast. In fact, as usual, there is an invitation letter for the Xiaomi 10 conference. Now Xiaomi mobile phone official, the unpublished invitation letter of “Xiaomi Mi 10 Satellite Model” was displayed. This “Deluxe Edition Invitation Letter” became a souvenir for all media and friends of Xiaomi, and gave key information.

The invitation letter for the “Mi 10 Satellite Model” uses a luxuriously packed wooden box. The outside is the tagline of “Mi 10 Breakthrough” in the Xiaomi 10 press conference. Inside the box is the structure of the disassembled model, which can be assembled together.

This was the most prominent invitation to the “Xiaomi 10 Satellite Model” is the satellite part. Standing on the earth, there are many slogans on the satellite, including “Technology breaks the limit”, “Our journey is the star sea”, and Xiaomi has a fever And was born “. There are also 108 megapixel’s numbers: 108,576,768.

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