iQOO 3 Camera Sample from all Conditions and Features Announced

iQOO 3 Camera Sample and features

iQOO 3 Camera Sample and features

Today, official iQOO product manager on weibo released latest news, and officially announced the upcoming new iQOO 3 camera features and iQOO 3 camera sample

iQOO 3 Camera Features

iQOO product manager explain camera sample as below

iQOO 3 Camera Sample

13 Megapixel’s 50mm Portrait Lens

The first shot of the original image of iQOO 3-Portrait:
iQOO specially customized a 13 megapixel 50mm professional portrait lens for iQOO 3. Friends who have played photography know that the 50mm lens has the same perspective effect as the human eye. With a perspective effect closer to human vision. With the built-in portrait mode, through iqoo’s self-developed algorithm, the subject is perfectly separated from the background, while retaining the depth of field information, so that the portrait is more prominent and the background is blurred and more natural. The iQOO 3 camera sample straight from the original image are presented.

13 Megapixel’s AF ultra-wide-angle Lens

iQOO 3 is fully upgraded in shooting functions and strives to present a more perfect moment for users. It uses a 13-megapixel AF ultra-wide-angle lens. Supports a large field of view of 120 °, combined with a 48-megapixel ultra-high-definition main camera, you can shoot a shocking sense of space. In the proofs, I have selected two photos that I am most satisfied with. You can experience the sense of space under the snow mountain and the pavilion together. The picture has not been modified, and everyone is welcome to check the Exif information.

Hyper-HDR super backlight

Backlighting has high requirements on light and mobile phones. Many people are not good at it, and iQOO 3 is expensive for backlighting think hard. iQOO 3 is equipped with Hyper-HDR super backlight and AI intelligent algorithm, which can effectively improve the problem of unclear subject and excessively bright background in the backlight environment. Not only the pink clouds in the distance and the blue sky, but also the details of the camel’s hair and the wings of the seagulls.

2.3cm micro Shot

iQOO 3 also supports the super macro function with a minimum focusing distance of 2.5cm. When the phone lens is pointed at plants, flowers, jewelry and other items , You can quickly achieve accurate focus, fully discover the beauty of the details of life.

Night Camera Sample

iQOO 3 night scene proofs are here, the original image is still straight out. Based on a powerful night scene algorithm and the powerful processing capabilities of Qualcomm’s flagship 865 platform DSP, iQOO 3 can intelligently identify the light environment and take 12-16 photos, perform multi-frame noise reduction, and finally output a night scene with low noise and natural tones photo. Whether it is front selfie or rear shooting, you can easily restore the bright night view of the city, let you discover more night beauty, and welcome everyone to take some good photos after iQOO 3.

Combined with the official iQOO 3 mobile phone information previously released, it is equipped with Snapdragon 865 mobile platform and supports 5G dual-module network; equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage; equipped with a 4440mAh large-capacity battery and supports 55W fast charge. iQOO 3 will be a high performance flagship phone. Stay connected via below social media for further updates about iqoo 3 and other technology news.

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