Oppo Smart Watch Appearance Re-Exposure; 3D Curved Glass

Oppo Smart Watch Appearance

Oppo Smart Watch Appearance

Oppo Smart Watch Appearance

Shen Yiren, OPPO vice president, once again revealed the information of the new OPPO smart watch appearance. Today, he said: The application of curved screens and 3D glass has brought the value of smart watches to a new level.

The rendering shows that the OPPO smart watch uses a rounded rectangular design. Earlier, Shen Yiren also pointed out that OPPO smart watches use a flexible screen and curved surface design.

According to the picture, the curved surface of the edge of OPPO’s smart watch is very large, and the interface between glass and metal is also very close. The state of the hour, minute, and second hands on the dial is also very clear, like Just like floating on the dial, the visual effects of this watch are expected to be very good.

In addition, from the two renderings, this watch will have two straps choice, one with leather strap and one with silicone strap.

Shen Yiren once said that as a smart watch, although the circle looks good in accordance with the traditional aesthetics, the use efficiency (information presentation) of the screen is indeed lower than rectangular dial.

OPPO’s future event in this year will not only be limited to Oppo Find X2 series, but also in the smart home and accessories, relying on mobile phones as the main body, to drive all related products, then the problem comes, you want to see OPPO What products did you bring?

OPPO’s first smartwatch is expected to be released with OPPO Find X2, and there is no more breaking news.

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