Oppo MARIANA PLAN for Top-level chip And 2 others plans Ahead

Oppo Mariana Plan, Pantanar Plan and Amazon Plan

Oppo Mariana Plan, Pantanar Plan and Amazon Plan

Three Plans – Oppo Mariana Plan, Pantanar Plan and Amazon Plan; Corresponds to “Hardware”, “software” and “service”.

In the mobile phone industry, there are very few manufacturers who can independently develop SoC processor chips, specially domestic manufacturers. According to 36 据 news report, on the evening of February 16th, the special assistant of the CEO of OPPO released an internal article “Thinking about Building Core Technologies”, which proposed three major plans, including software development, cloud, and information about Chip “Mariana Plan”.

What does Mariana mean? The Mariana Trench is known as the deepest trench in the world, and OPPO used it to describe making “top-level chips” very difficult. It is reported that the Mariana Plan is a separate project within OPPO, and its senior director of product planning is Jiang Bo.

OPPO Chip TMG (Technical Committee) will guarantee investment in self-developed chip technology. This department was established in October last year and is part of the entire group TMG. It is responsible for internal and external resource coordination and key project review. It is understood that the person in charge of the OPPO chip technical committee is Chen Yan, who is the director of the chip platform department. Previously, he was the head of the software research center of the OPPO Research Institute.

At the OPPO Future Technology Conference in December last year, Liu Chang, vice president of OPPO and dean of the research institute, said in an interview with the media that OPPO already has chip-level capabilities. The previously rumored M1 chip may be used in OPPO products in the future. In.

Earlier, OPPO applied for a trademark named “OPPO M1” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The trademark description includes “chip [integrated circuit]; semiconductor chip; computer chip; multi-processor chip; electronic chip for integrated circuit manufacturing; biological Chips; smartphones; cell phones; screens.”

The OPPO responded at the time that the OPPO M1 was a coprocessor under development. Making products well is the core strategy of OPPO. Any R&D investment and technological innovation is to create a better user experience.

OPPO’s three major plans announced at the same time, in addition to the Oppo Mariana Plan – on the chip, also includes the “Pantanar Plan” involving software engineering and supporting global developers, and the “Amazon Plan” to build cloud services, respectively. Corresponds to “software”, “service” and “hardware”.

Oppo Mariana Plan

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