Lenovo Gaming Phone is Coming: Exceed 600000 Antutu Points

Lenovo Gaming Phone

Lenovo Gaming Phone

Lenovo Gaming Phone

Yesterday, Xiaomi released the “Fantasy Masterpiece” Xiaomi 10 and announced on the spot that AnTuTu scored 585,232 points. Later, Lenovo Gaming Phone phone also released new posters, saying that the new machine is not just dreamy, it is quite a treasurer.

The Lenovo Gaming Phone says: The Game is On! Now, It’s My Turn!

In the latest poster of Lenovo’s e-sports mobile phone, the official is obviously suggesting that the new machine will have a running score of more than 600,000, which is higher than that of Xiaomi Mi 10.

Since yesterday, Lenovo has officially warmed up the e-sports phone, and said that the new machine will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 5G SoC, known as the “end-game gaming flagship.”

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At present, the official appearance of the new machine and the release date have not been announced, and it is expected that it will take a while to warm up.

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