Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Highlights and Sample Detailed

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Highlights

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Highlights

The previously released renderings of the real machine show that Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera uses a 108 megapixel’s four-camera design. What are these four cameras?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Highlights

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Set-up

According to the official introduction, the main camera of the new phone is a 1/33-inch outsole with 108 megapixel’s Pro outsole used by Xiaomi Mi 10 is supported by the Snapdragon 865 ISP; which has achieved nearly 4 times the computing speed. At the same time, thanks to the addition of AI computing photography, users can easily take high-quality mobile phone photos. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 10 also added support for Flicker, HEIF, OIS and other functions to make photo details better. The image system used by Xiaomi Mi 10 also supports 120-frame slow-motion selfies and super night scene modes, with a 2.35:1 movie format.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Set-up

Xiaomi Mi 10 series will adopt a rear-mounted 108MP vertical four-camera solution (the rear camera is said to be specifically configured with 108MP + 48MP + 12MP + 8MP sensors). According to the previously exposed posters, this The Xiaomi Mi 10 is also expected to support 50x zoom.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera HEIF Format Features

In terms of features, Xiaomi Mi 10 supports HEIF format output, which has a higher compression rate and picture quality than the traditional mode.

This time 108 megapixel’s photos will not be too big in size. Lei Jun said that the HEIF format supported by Xiaomi Mi 10 can reduce the file size by at least 50% while maintaining the same image quality. HEIF is an efficient image file format based on the HEVC encoder. Lei Jun said that according to the actual measurement results, under the premise of shooting in the same scene, the size of the photos saved by the user in JPG format is 12.1MB, and the size of photos saved in HEIF format is 4.43MB.

HEIF Format Features

The full name of HEIF is High Efficiency Image File Format, which has the advantages of high compression efficiency and capacity saving. The file extension of HEIF format photos is usually .heif or .heic. Users can convert HEIF images through online tools or special software. The data shows that under the premise of the same picture quality, the compression rate of HEIC is 2.39 times that of JPEG.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Speed

When camera sensor size rise, the first question come in mind that how much time it take to capture shot. Xiaomi’s main camera with 108 megapixels, with Snapdragon 865 and the new ISP, quadruple the computing performance, even more powerful LPDDR5 transfers are extremely fast, and UFS 3.0 writes are very fast. So taking pictures with 108MP will faster than ever. Le Jun demonstrated this in below video.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Speed

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Sample

Le Jun and Xiaomi Phone weibo also released Xiaomi Mi 10 camera sample today.

The main content of the proof is urban scenery. At the same time, from this partial photograph taken from the original 2.3%, it can be found that many details of the Prince’s Bridge are still retained, such as the text on the brand, the decorative design of the bridge surface, and the pedestrians on the bridge are clearly visible.

From this set of real shots announced by Lei Jun, we can also see the detail portraying power of the 100-megapixel Pro imaging system used by Xiaomi Mi 10: including the cat’s beard, hair, and ripples on the water surface. Even if the original image is taken at 8.3%, the proof details are still reflected.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Video Capabilities – Support 8K

The ultimate in video is cinema, and cinema is the art of dreaming. Xiaomi Mi 10 support 8K video recording through 108 megapixel’s lens and also supports cinema mode built-in. To prompt Xiaomi Mi 10 Video capabilities Xiaomi released a cinema video recorded by Frederic Van Strydonck on Xiaomi Mi 10.

Shot on Xiaomi Mi 10 | Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Sample and Video Capabilities

On Xiaomi’s Request Video is removed. Next Week it will be available again.


According to Xiaomi, 5G is the video age. There are two trends in mobile video shooting: high definition and popularization of professional experience. Xiaomi mobile phones have been accumulating in video and have had good results. Last year, they won the first place in DXO video twice. Xiaomi’s Mi 10 video capabilities is a major upgrade and can even support the creation of professional video creators.

Xiaomi Mi 10 DxOMark

In October last year, we released the Xiaomi CC9 Pro equipped with a 100-megapixel imaging system, participated in the DXOMARK evaluation, and achieved the highest score in the overall photo score, and achieved first place on list.

Now Xiaomi Mi 10 will bring 100 Megapixel Pro to participate in the DXOMARK evaluation again and challenge the new height of the photography.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Display, Sound and Charging Technology Detailed

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In addition, from the current situation, the Xiaomi 10 series should be divided into Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10 Pro. The two may have slightly different camera configurations, but the main camera is 108 megapixel remain same.

The Xiaomi 10 series will be released online on February 13th and an appointment is now open. The press conference will begin on February 13th at 14:00. Stay tuned for updates.

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