Official Xiaomi Mi 10 First Look Poster Released: Eye Catching Curve Screen

Xiaomi Mi 10 first look

Xiaomi Mi 10 first look

Xiaomi Mi 10 First Look

This morning, the official Xiaomi mobile phone officially released the official poster of Xiaomi Mi 10 first look.

Xiaomi official stated that Xiaomi has wanted to be a “dream phone” in the minds of enthusiasts since its inception. The official emphasized that Xiaomi 10 is “a high-end flagship phone built for dreams and a masterpiece of Xiaomi ’s ten-year success”.

Xiaomi Mi 10 first look

In addition, from the official poster of the official version of Xiaomi 10 released by Xiaomi mobile phones, it can be seen that Xiaomi 10 uses a four-curved hole screen design + rear vertical four-camera solution, and Xiaomi’s logo and related information still remain under the back of the phone.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Stereo Cooling System

Xiaomi made a good whole new thermal design Stereo cooling system with 3000m㎡ Super large VC + super large multi-layer graphite + graphene battery, 5 points ultra-precision temperature control + Al machine learning temperature control strategy which makes Xiaomi Mi 10 more cooler than competitors. The temperature control point was increased to five, and the artificial intelligence dynamically adjusted the heat dissipation design.

Le Jun again compared MI 10 with Mate 30 Pro 5G. As per Le Jun, PUBG played on both device for 45 minutes; Xiaomi Mi 10 heated less than Mate 30 Pro 5G. In test results Mi 10 temperature rises upto 41.1°c and Mate 30 Pro 5G temperature rises upto 43.9°c. Mi 10 temperature is 2.8 degree less. This results come from uses of latest stereo cooling system of Xiaomi Mi 10.

From the information currently available, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor. The whole series will use LPDDR5 memory, WiFi 6, UFS 3.0 storage, and a rear vertical four cameras including 108MP megapixel’s main sensor with 48MP + 12MP + 8MP sensor. In terms of design, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series are designed with a curved screen with a hole in the upper left corner.

At present, Xiaomi Mi 10 has confirmed that it will be released online on February 13, and an appointment is now open on JD mall. Xiaomi 10 new product launch conference starts at 14:00 on February 13th.

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