Phones with LPDDR5 RAM; Mi 10 will also use Samsung’s

Phones with LPDDR5 RAM

Phones with LPDDR5 RAM

Tonight, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun updated the news that Xiaomi Mi 10 uses LPDDR5 across the board. It will not only be equipped with Micron’s LPDDR5 memory, but also Samsung’s LPDDR5 memory. Lei Jun also emphasized that the attached picture is the picture in the Samsung public account, not the rendering of Xiaomi 10. Not just Xiaomi but other brands also headed to launch phones with LPDDR5 RAM.

Phones with LPDDR5 RAM

Xiaomi carried out intensive warm-up and showed the measured comparison results of the LPDDR5 version of Xiaomi 10 vs. LPDDR4x Xiaomi Mi 10 engineering machine. The results show that the comprehensive scene test improves user battery life by about 10%; in the game, King Glory scene, power saving About 20%; in WeChat voice and video scenes, save power by about 10%.

For this reason, Lei Jun decided to let all Xiaomi Mi 10 users use LPDDR5, even if the cost is a lot expensive. Xiaomi Mi 10 uses LPDDR5 across the board.

Lei Jun said: “LPDDR5 performance is very good, I hope both suppliers will accelerate production and spread as soon as possible!”

LPDDR5 manufacturers have been confirmed to include realme, iQOO, Red Magic and many other manufacturers, I believe LPDDR5 memory will be the flagship standard in 2020.

Upcoming Phones with LPDDR5 RAM (Samsung/Micron)

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