Meizu Zero won iF German Design Award 2020

Meizu Zero won iF German Design Award 2020

Meizu Zero Won iF German Design Award 2020

This afternoon, Meizu officially announced that true holeless phone Meizu Zero won iF German Design Award 2020. The world’s first truly non-porous mobile phone in 2019, exploring future mobile phone design trends.

Meizu Zero won iF German Design Award 2020

To be honest, I have never seen the company make any publicity for this product and have not invested in it. How did it win the IF Design Gold Award in 2020? The Gold Statement –

A combination of high-end materials and a seamless integration of details and functional elements have given birth to a new level of quality and precision in the MEIZU Zero smartphone.

Gold Statement

Gold Statement

The German iF Design Award was founded in 1953 and is held regularly every year by the German industrial design agency iF Industrie Forum Design. iF officially announced the 2020 Design Awards from 56 countries with a total of 7,298 finalists. Among them, the Meizu Zero True Holeless mobile phone released by Meizu Technology in early 2019 won the iF Design Award.

It is understood that this award-winning mobile phone products totaled 46 models, and only two won gold awards, respectively: Meizu Zero and Google Pixel 4.

Meizu Zero is the first model released by Meizu in 2019, and is also the most creative product of Meizu’s history. Zero uses the ONE PIECE Unibody integrated ceramic body, which covers the 5.99-inch AMOLED screen on the front. Optical fingerprints are built into the flexible screen.

Meizu Zero uses a hole-free design. The physical buttons on the side of the fuselage are replaced by virtual solid-state buttons, and the built-in mEngine haptic engine is retained to simulate the feel of a real button press. The speaker is suspended and replaced by mSound.

The 2nd generation screen sound technology, the top and bottom can be rotated up and down, and can work alternately; Quite unique. With wireless headphones, no headphone jack is required. Support 18W wireless fast charging technology Super wireless mCharge, combined with the newly introduced wireless charging pad, to achieve stable and sustainable 18W wireless fast charging and data transmission.

Currently Meizu is working on it’s upcoming flagship phone Meizu 17th which will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor.

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