Difficulties in 100W Fast Charge; Lu Weibing Explains

Earlier in March last year, Xiaomi announced its own flash charging technology called Super Charge Turbo. Lin Bin also said that Xiaomi has achieved 100W fast charging and 17 minutes full of 4000mAh battery, while Lu Weibing said that Redmi is the first to mass-produce.

Difficulties in 100W fast charge

Lu Weibing today made a brief introduction about the application of 100W fast charging technology on mobile phones. Lu Weibing said that fast charging technology needs to consider five aspects of technical difficulties.

Difficulties in 100W Fast Charge

  1. Battery capacity loss: the faster the charging speed, the more the battery; The greater the capacity loss. According to preliminary estimates, the capacity of a 100W fast charge battery is about 20% less than that of a 30W PD fast charge. In short, 5000Mah becomes 4000Mah;
  2. Technical implementation (technical architecture): ultra-high voltage charging solution;
  3. Performance: how to 100W charging is not only technically accessible, but also requires long and sustainable charging;
  4. Security: Multiple protections for motherboard / battery / charger etc.
  5. Cover multiple charging scenarios: consider wired charging Wireless charging scenarios, as well as charger compatibility.

Lu Weibing introduced that 100W fast charging technology has reached the early stage of mature production and can be expected in the future. However, the power consumption of 5G mobile phones as a whole is much larger than 4G, especially in the scenario of full coverage of 5G networks, the power consumption is very fast. The contradiction and balance between fast charge and battery capacity is the focus of everyone’s consideration.

From this statement by Lu Weibing, it can be seen that 100W fast charging is not far from mass production and commercial use, and it is worth looking forward to.

In view of the special circumstances this year, it is no longer suitable to hold a press conference offline. It is reported that the Xiaomi Mi 10 series will hold an online press conference on February 14.

Difficulties in 100w fast charge

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