Red Magic 5G 80W Fast Charge Achieved in Test

Nubia Red Magic 5G 80W fast charge

Nubia Red Magic 5G 80W Fast Charge

From creating an excellent gaming mobile phone to fully promoting the ecological construction of the “Red Magic Universe”, Nubia continues on the road to promote the development of gaming mobile phones. Today, Ni Fei showed the charging test chart of the Red Magic 5G gaming mobile phone, and the charging power even reached 80W. This technology also not stable like Under Screen Camera.

Nubia Red Magic 5G 80W fast charge

As we all know, using the Red Magic 5G gaming phone to shoot a mobile phone suspected of 100W charging, does not mean that the Red Magic 5G gaming phone has 100W.

Ni Fei doesn’t Confirms device name; I think this should be the Red Magic 5G. It uses a 8.4V high-voltage battery with a battery current of 9.6A, which means that the power into the battery is more than 80W, plus some losses. Testing indicate that 100W fast charge in development. May be it come with Red Magic 5G upcoming gaming phone.

Red Magic 5G gaming phone will become the first mobile phone with a 144Hz refresh rate screen. Earlier, Ni Fei also demonstrated the wireless projection function of the Red Magic 5G gaming phone.

Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Turbo

In addition, on March 25; Xiaomi announced own flash charging technology, called Super Charge Turbo. Xiaomi has achieved 100W fast charging and 17 minutes full of 4000mAh battery. Lu Weibing said that Redmi will be first to mass-produce.

Xiaomi conducted a test of Xiaomi’s 100W boot charging. Xiaomi charged to 50% in 7 minutes and full charge in 17 minutes, while OPPO 50W fast charging reached 65% in the same time.

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