Red Magic 5G Gaming Phone with 144Hz Refresh Rate is Coming

Red Magic 5G 144Hz Refresh Rate

Red Magic 5G 144Hz Refresh Rate

Red Magic 5G Phone with 144hz refresh rate

You may using 90hz refresh rate phones and probably 120hz too. Is that not enough for you ? Than there is phone with 144hz refresh rate coming for you. The president of Nubia Technology Ni Fei announced today, that Nubia Red Magic 5G is coming with 144hz refresh. Red Magic phone is famous in gaming category users.

Ne Fei stated on weibo today, today It’s a good day. The 144Hz of the Red Devils 5G is just debugging OK, I feel good, feel relieved to go to the annual meeting” and also posted screenshot of refresh rate setting.

Red Magic 5G Gaming Phone refresh rate

As you can see from the screenshot of this mobile phone; which is posted by Ni Fei will support the screen refresh rate 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz and the highest 144Hz four setting options. The current mobile phone with a refresh rate of 144Hz screen is extremely rare.

This morning, OnePlus Mobile also introduced 120Hz screens in media communication meeting held in today’s afternoon. At this time, Lu Weibing also shared a video of testing 144hz refresh rate on Redmi K30 5G; which already support 120hz and available for purchase.

Later Red Magic Gaming phone weibo also shared official poster teasing Red Magic 5G’s 144hz refresh rate with showing backward compatibility with 60hz, 90hz, and 120hz refresh rate.

Red Magic 5G Gaming Phone with 144Hz Refresh Rate

Red Magic 5G The provocative meaning of the 144Hz screen is already obvious. From the beginning of 2020, the war of mobile phone manufacturers on the high refresh rate screen has already begun.

The Nubia Red Magic is an e-sports mobile phone brand. As early as Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 865 processor, Nubia has officially announced that it will bring a new phone equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor, which seems to be this. Will support the new product of the 144Hz refresh rate screen, but at present, other than this two points, no other configurations are temporarily unavailable, but it is an e-sports mobile phone, the configuration is definitely can’t be low, But it is bit suspected, this time Red Magic 5G will come with triple rear camera set-up.

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