OnePlus 120Hz Screen Specifications Announced: 10bit, 240Hz Sampling and More

OnePlus 120Hz Screen Specifications

OnePlus 120Hz Screen Specifications

OnePlus 120Hz Screen Specifications and Technology

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said on weibo this morning that OnePlus has completed the development of 120Hz screens. On the afternoon of January 13, OnePlus 2020 screen technology communication meeting was held in Shenzhen. At this event, OnePlus 120Hz screen specifications of the new phone in 2020 announced at event.

OnePlus 120Hz Screen Official Introduction

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OnePlus 2020’s heavy screen features include three aspects smooth, accurate and comfortable.

It is reported that OnePlus’ 120Hz refresh rate OLED screen is optimized by Smooth Chain (touch + display) full chain, supports 240Hz screen adoption rate, and uses an independent chip MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) to implement MEMC technology (common in high-end TVs) to solve low-frame content. The problem is that low-frame content can be displayed up to 120 frames.

MEMC – Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation

In terms of resolution, this OLED screen continues to use 2K + ultra-clear resolution, which can restore 10bit 1.07 billion colors, which is officially claimed to be 64 times the current flagship 8bit.

2k+ ultra clear resolution

The official said that each screen of OnePlus will undergo precise color calibration before leaving the factory. JNCD <0.8 color standard (lower is better, iPhone 11 Pro Max is <0.9), which is currently the highest color gamut standard on mobile phone screen.

In other aspects, the screen has 4096-level automatic brightness adjustment, multi-scene judgment dimming, screen color temperature dimming, and a fully upgraded ambient light sensor, which allows the screen to adjust the color temperature directly according to the ambient light.

4096 brightness

If nothing else, the OnePlus 8 series will use this top-notch screen, which is worth looking forward to. In addition, OnePlus also said at this communication meeting that last year, OnePlus accounted for 77% of domestic sales of 90Hz mobile phones online, leading in high-refresh screen mobile phones.

77% market share for 90hz screen

OnePlus 120Hz Screen Specifications

Smooth Chain (touch + display)JNCD <0.8 color standard4096 automatic brightness adjustment
120Hz Refresh RateFull range of calibrationMulti-scenario dimming
MEMC standalone chip10bit Color GamutAmbient Light Sensor
120 Frames for low quality content1.07 Billion ColorsScreen Color Temperature Dimming
OLED Display2K + ultra-clear Resolution
240Hz Touch Sampling
OnePlus 120Hz Screen Specifications
OnePlus 120Hz screen specifications

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