256 Megapixel Camera is on way; is 108MP not enough ?

256 Megapixel Camera

256 Megapixel Camera

256 Megapixel Camera Interface

Current smartphone camera trends is it’s camera and high refresh rate. Xiaomi CC9 Pro achieved 108 Megapixel resolution and it’s commercial too. Now manufacturers headed to 256 megapixel camera. Does it really need? Samsung is still using 12 megapixel’s sensors for it’s flagship.

Today at noon, the digital chat station exposed a new machine’s “256 megapixel ultra-clear camera mode” interface on weibo.

256 Megapixel Camera

It is understood that in the evening yesterday, the well-known blogger stated that a new mobile phone can output up to 256 million pixels, but did not disclose specific models and details.

And today he, exposed the interface of this phone’s “256 megapixel ultra-clear camera mode”. From the picture, you can see that “256 megapixel ultra-clear cameras, please hold your phone” above, The interface also displays “256M”.

Currently it’s unknown which camera sensor company is developing 256 megapixel’s lens, it is either Samsung or sony. Or which manufacturer is first to introduce it; is not confirmed. The known thing is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is support upto 200 Megapixel Camera.

There is no detailed information about this mysterious new phone, the exact information is yet to be officially announced.

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