Amazfit PowerBuds Surging Sound and 24 Hour Battery Life Released

Amazfit officially announced Amazfit PowerBuds with surging sound quality heart rate monitoring.

Amazfit PowerBuds Best Features

Amazfit PowerBuds Battary Life

The battery life is about 8 hours on a single charge. The charging box can provide an additional 16 hours of battery life, and the total battery life is about 24 hours.

PowerBuds gives you full energy. Use the magnetic charging box for a comprehensive battery life of up to 24 hours. The headset can be fully charged for up to 8 hours and the magnetic battery charging box can provide another 16 hours of battery life.

Note : The data comes from Lab. The endurance data environment is: heart rate monitoring is turned on, 50% volume, AAC mode, and the ambient sound monitoring function is not turned on. Actual battery life is affected by volume, sound source, environmental interference, product features and usage habits.

Heart Rate Monitoring

More professional monitoring of exercise with heart rate. Heart rate is an important indicator of exercise. Amazfit PowerBuds is equipped with a PPG heart rate sensor, which can monitor exercise heart rate, feedback exercise status, and voice reminder of exercise risks such as high heart rate, making exercise more efficient and safe.

The heart rate is too high to remind the headset in real time. You can set the sports data broadcast switch in the APP, including heart rate, pace, time, etc., to pay attention to the state of exercise and reduce exercise risk.

Magnetic split ear-hook

The magnetic split ear-hook design is firm and comfortable. The headphone shell is made of smooth laser-carved texture for a sporty look. The unique magnetic split ear-hook design makes the earphones more secure and stable during hard exercise, and it is not easy to fall off. In daily work, the ear-hook can also be removed and absorbed in the charging box for easy storage.

Surging Sound

Professional sports sound system requires music to accompany and be more secure. Sports headphones use a professional sports sound system design, which not only has surging good sounds, allowing you to immerse yourself in moving music; it also has professional functions to escort each exercise.

The composite diaphragm brings surging high-definition sound quality. The high-sensitivity magnet is matched with a high-end composite diaphragm.

Beat-enhancing mode for good sound and more dynamic. Choose beat-enhancing mode to enhance the clear and vibrant bass, control the rhythm of exercise, make running more comfortable, and exercise is no longer boring.

Ambient sound monitoring mode Keep an eye on the “Ambient Sound Monitoring” mode of the surrounding ring, which can be turned on by tapping on the headphones. It is convenient to sense the surrounding traffic conditions during exercise, prevent accidents, and ensure the physical safety of outdoor sports.

Note : This mode cannot make the user fully perceive the surrounding traffic conditions, and pay attention to safety during exercise. Users are advised to exercise in a safe area.

Call Noise Cancelling

ENC dual microphone noise reduction suppresses environmental noise. The HD headset uses ENC dual microphone noise reduction technology. Through dual microphone arrays, it can accurately receive sound, effectively suppress other interference sounds in the environment, efficiently reduce noise, and make calls more high-definition.

IP55 Water and Dustproof

Amazfit PowerBuds is designed for, without fear of rain and sweat movement without any integration, it brings excellent dustproof and waterproof performance. Effectively prevent rain and sweat from damaging the earphone components.


True wireless sensorless fast connection. All you have to do is just after successfully wearing the setting, you can automatically connect it from the storage box, put on headphones, and enjoy dynamic music. We also implanted sensors in the compact body, smart sensing, wearing playback, taking off and pausing.


You can easily operate the bilateral headsets by tapping them. You can customize the tapping touch function, which is convenient and efficient. Like play the previous / next call / pause / hang up / turn off the phone assistant and Ambient sound monitoring.

In-Box Accessories

USB Type-C cable earphone, charging case, comfortable silicone earbuds (SS, S, M, L). Earphone instructions. The product comes with 4 sets of earbuds, of which M earbuds have been assembled in the headset body.

Amazfit PowerBuds Specifications

Amazfit PowerBuds


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