1More React Sports and Iron Pro Edition become Highlights of CES 2020

1More at CES 2020

The highly anticipated Global Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020 officially kicked off on January 7-10. Original headphone brand 1MORE participated in the CES exhibition for the fifth time. At the CES exhibition in 2020, 1MORE’s new acoustic black technology was fully presented, and 1More React Sports True Wireless Headphones / HD Noise Cancelling Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO Edition also appeared at the exhibition.

1More React Sports True Wireless Headphones

From 2018 to 2019, 1MORE successively won the CES official innovation award, setting a new record for the headset category. What new products are we looking forward to in 2020? Come see it together!

1More React Sports True Wireless Headphones

1MORE React sports true wireless headsets are mainly for sports interaction, health detection, and taking into account the long-term battery life. It is an upgrade exploration of 1MORE in the field of intelligent sports.

1More React Sports True Wireless Headphones

As a sports true wireless headset that focuses on sports and health, 1MORE React sports true wireless headsets are committed to providing users with a completely new healthy lifestyle in terms of operation and health monitoring.

1More React Sports True Wireless Headphones

1MORE React sports true wireless headphones use touch-sensitive operation to simplify the control. With the infrared smart sensor, when the earphones are removed from the ears during music playback, the music will be paused automatically, and it will be played automatically when worn, without missing any wonderful music.

To become a sports expert, “how to exercise scientifically” has always been the focus of 1MORE. Combining the detection system of the heart rate sensor and the G Sensor, the real-time accurate detection of the exercise heart rate is convenient for the user to understand the state of the exercise in real time and avoid the problems The heart instantly breaks through the safety threshold to ensure safe exercise. The heart rate data of each exercise will also be transmitted to the 1MORE Music APP, which is convenient for users to control clear exercise data with one hand and effectively adjust the exercise plan.

1More React Sports True Wireless Headphones

Combined with the 1MORE MUSIC APP, let 1MORE Acoustic Black Technology accompany you to better grasp the state of exercise

1MORE React sports true wireless earphones adopt a 14.2mm large diameter dynamic coil unit, which also has a subwoofer acoustic design, with deep dive and solid sound quality as the power blessing. Supports AAC high-definition Bluetooth sound quality, exploding potential, and helping every extraordinary sports journey.

Endurance equivalent battery life, the headset can support 7 hours of use when fully charged, a marathon is not a problem; the full charge of the headset and charging box can last up to 30 hours, that is, one hour of exercise a day, one month without charging . The headset’s IPX6 is waterproof and is not afraid of sweat and rain.

1More React Sports True Wireless Headphones

Each headset is also equipped with 2 microphones to achieve dual microphone call noise reduction, suppress the noisy environmental noise in sports and life, and ensure high-quality communication at all times. 1MORE React sports true wireless headset also supports wake-up smart phone voice assistant functions, such as Siri, Google, to get various information flexibly.

HD Noise Cancelling Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO Edition

At this year’s CES exhibition, 1MORE HD Noise Reduction Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO Edition also met with us. As a member of the 1MORE noise reduction series, the new product inherits the classic shape of the 1MORE HD noise reduction series, and has reached new heights in terms of noise reduction, sound quality, and connectivity.

HD Noise Cancelling Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO Edition

1MORE HD Noise Reduction Iron Bluetooth Headset has been widely praised by consumers after the sale, and the PRO version has been greatly upgraded. Each headset uses a dual noise reduction processor, and through front and rear dual feedback microphones, it can capture multi-band noise from aircraft noise to indoor conversation. After picking up the noise, the two processors cleverly create reverse sound waves to cancel out most of the external noise. The unique “anti-wind noise” mode greatly reduces the annoying wind noise in riding, running and other environments, bringing more transparent and natural music listening.

HD Noise Cancelling Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO Edition

The upgrade is not only noise reduction. The PRO version is equipped with a powerful 13.6mm moving coil and a low distortion moving iron drive unit. The combination of the ring iron makes the sound richer and fuller, and the sound is more pure and transparent. Through the delicate tuning holes on the earphone cavity, the airtightness between the diaphragm and the drive unit is coordinated, and the three-frequency connection is smooth.

HD Noise Cancelling Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO Edition

Compared with the previous generation, the upgraded high-definition noise-cancelling iron Bluetooth headset supports LDAC high-quality wireless Bluetooth transmission technology, which can transmit about 3 times the data of ordinary Bluetooth (at a maximum transmission speed of 990kbps), improving the wireless music listening experience. Considering the convenient use of wireless headphones, the headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology for faster connection and more stable signal transmission.

The 1MORE HD Noise Cancelling Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO version is tuned by Grammy recording master Luca Bignardi, and has also passed Hi-Res Wireless certification, surpassing CD-grade sound quality.

The 1MORE HD Noise Reduction Iron Bluetooth Headset PRO version weighs only about 44.6 grams, and low-power technology supports 20 hours (noise reduction off) and 14 hours (noise reduction on) of playback time. It also supports fast charging, 10 minutes charging, and provides up to about 3 hours of use.

1MORE Music and Sonarworks Collaboration

1MORE is about to start cooperation with Sonarworks, a world-renowned sound calibration technology company, and its technology will be embedded in the 1MORE Music APP in the future.

Sonarworks is a company dedicated to sound calibration technology, with team members consisting of recording engineers, musicians, audiophiles, DJs, etc. Sonarworks is highly respected by professional sound recorders around the world and is the only choice for professional sound recorders to correct the consistency of monitor speakers in the sound field of a recording room. Grammy Awards sound engineer Luca Bignardi also uses professional software developed by Sonarworks in the studio of 1MORE and the tuning of the headset products.

Sonarworks True-Fi: a software developed by Sonarworks for individual users

Due to the different characteristics of each person’s ear canal, the reflection and perception of sound wave frequencies are different, resulting in different subjective feelings and preferences for sound.

Sonarworks uses “user tests” to find auditory parameters that match the individual listening characteristics of each user. And through this digital signal processing technology, real-time calculation. Intelligent dynamic compensation for each frequency band of the headset. Ultimately, each headphone user can experience the listening effect that suits them best.

After Sonarworks cooperates with the 1MORE Music APP, Sonarworks will use personal audio customisation technology to specifically embed its technology into the APP in a customized manner for different 1MORE headphone models. Users can use the model to achieve one-click calibration and personalized listening Experience settings.


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