Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED 15mm thin Borderless TV Is Real

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV Specifications and Appearance

2020 QLED 8K Samsung Q950TS, which adopts the Infinity design concept to achieve a bezel-free design effect. It can use up to 99% of the screen to provide excellent immersion and elegant design. Samsung stated that it is only 15mm thick and completely flat back.

2020 QLED 8K Samsung Q950TS

Samsung Electronics said today, that it will launch a bezel-less QLED 8K TV with upgraded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at the upcoming CES Expo.

2020 QLED 8K Samsung Q950TS

Samsung claims that the new QLED 8K TV is equipped with its latest AI quantum processor, which combines deep learning with algorithms and AI to improve low-definition video content to 8K quality.

The new QLED 8K also has Samsung’s AI ScaleNet technology built in, which will allow 8K streaming over a network with only 4K bandwidth. It compresses an 8K signal source to 4K resolution, then streams it over the network, and then the AI ​​processor amplifies it back to 8K, which its developers claim will provide higher-quality images. In addition, the TV supports AV1 8K YouTube videos.

Samsung said that AI-based technology is also used to enhance the sound quality of QLED 8K TVs, and its Object Tracking Sound Plus (OTS +) technology can identify moving objects in video content and move sound along the TV’s built-in speakers to provide A more vivid audio experience.

Samsung says its latest QLED 8K TVs also have better connectivity with other digital devices. The company says that with its Tap View feature, users can mirror their screen to the TV by touching the smartphone to the TV.

Samsung’s new QLED 8K TV is also equipped with an enhanced voice recognition system. In addition to Samsung’s own smart assistant Bixby, it can also interoperate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

In addition, the “TV Plus” TV programs that Samsung Smart TV users can watch for free will provide more than 120 global channels in various fields such as news and movies this year.

Samsung said it plans to offer 120 channels in its free ad-supported smart TV service TV Plus to enhance its smart TV content.

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