Xiaomi 2019 Innovation: A Year in Review

Xiaomi 2019 Innovation

Xiaomi 2019 Innovation

Xiaomi 2019 Innovation

This afternoon, Xiaomi officially released a Xiaomi 2019 innovation review video, with a text saying, “In 2019, Xiaomi will make many impossible possible. In 2020, we continue to explore and let There are more possibilities in the future. “

Xiaomi 2019 Innovation

In the video, the official “the theme of exploring the impossible” reviews Xiaomi’s 2019.

Have room

The Xiaomi Science and Technology Park is located in Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing. Construction began on July 22, 2015. It covers an area of ​​340,000 square meters and can accommodate 16,000 workstations at a cost of 5.2 billion yuan. A total of 8 buildings, not only the world’s largest Xiaomi House flagship store, but also a gym, cafeteria, basketball hall, Starbucks.

Xiaomi Science and Technology Park

Fortune Top 500

On July 22, Fortune Magazine published the 2019 Fortune Global 500 list. Xiaomi Group entered the list for the first time, ranking 468th, ranking 7th among global internet companies on the list, and 112th among Chinese companies on the list.

Fortune top 500 companies

In the list, Xiaomi is defined as an “Internet service and retail” industry company, becoming the fourth Chinese Internet company to appear on the list after JD.com, Alibaba, and Tencent, and the seventh Internet company on the list.

100 megapixel’s camera

On November 5, Xiaomi held a new product launch conference of Xiaomi CC9 Pro/ Mi Note 10 and Xiaomi Watch in Beijing Xiaomi Science and Technology Park, officially released the “100-megapixel five-shot” mobile phone Xiaomi CC9 Pro, and took the first place in the total score of the DXOMARK mobile camera.

Xiaomi cc9 pro

MIX Alpha surround screen

On September 24, Xiaomi officially released the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone at the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park in Beijing Headquarters, with a screen ratio of 180.6%, supporting a full Netcom 5G dual card, equipped with a 100-megapixel three camera, priced at 19,999 yuan.

Xiaomi Mix Alpha

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