Oppo ENCO Free Full Specifications and Price Along with Official Introduction

Oppo ENCO Free In Box Accesories

Oppo ENCO Free In Box Accesories

Oppo ENCO Free Full Specifications and Price

On December 26th, OPPO will hold a press conference in Hangzhou this afternoon to officially release the OPPO Reno3 series of mobile phones. In addition to the mobile phone, OPPO will also bring its own true wireless headset OPPO Enco Free at this press conference. This headset is currently online on the official website, and Oppo ENCO Free Full Specifications has been exposed.

Oppo ENCO Free

Oppo ENCO Free Official Introduction

Oppo ENCO Free Official Promo

Oppo ENCO Free Born for Smartphone

Oppo ENCO Free

A customized headset for smartphones

Headphones and mobile phones complement each other. The professional listening experience needs to work closely with mobile phones. To this end, Oppo have developed OPPO Enco Free. In-depth optimization for various daily use scenarios, whether it is video games, or call noise reduction, are more compatible with mobile phones, more convenient sliding touch, allowing you to enjoy wireless freedom anytime, anywhere.

Oppo ENCO Free
Oppo ENCO Free Color Options

Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission

Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission, as fast and stable as wired. In order to ensure the connection stability of wireless headsets, Oppo developed the industry’s front-end Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission. The headset and mobile phone use the dual ear simultaneous Bluetooth technology, and system-level delay optimization has been made, which significantly improves the use of mid-tone picture synchronization, game stuttering, interference disconnection, and platform incompatibility.

Ultra Dynamic Speaker

The secret of good sound, 6 technology patents. The speaker is the soul of the earphone. OPPO Enco Free breakthroughly puts super dynamic speakers in the earphone. It is equipped with the FPC positioning system used in high-end audio, and matches the advanced dual magnetic steel design and triple composite aluminized magnesium titanium diaphragm. With the blessing of 6 patented technologies, the details, dives, and dynamics have been comprehensively improved to bring the sound quality of the mobile phone to the fullest, bringing you a professional-level listening experience.

Al call noise reduction

Al call noise reduction, not afraid of noisy environment. Everyday calls are most afraid of encountering noisy environments. To this end, we adopt dual microphone beamforming technology, breakthroughly introduce the industry’s advanced AI noise reduction algorithm, and shield the noise through software-hard collaboration. Even in a noisy environment, you can talk clearly and talk freely.

Slide Control

Slide to adjust the volume without taking out the phone. You only need to tap the headset twice to answer / hang up the phone or play / pause music. If you want to control the volume or switch songs, you can do this by sliding the handle of the headset up and down. It also has the function of listening to songs, double-click to play personalized recommended music. Swipe up and down to control the volume (left ear) Switch songs (right ear) Tap 2 times to answer / hang up the phone.

Oppo ENCO Free Full Specifications

Stability and Comfort of ENCO Free

A pair of headphones, two wearing experiences. Oppo did a lot of research on the matching between earphones and ear radians, and finally achieved a delicate balance of stability and comfort on Enco Free. Through the innovative use of soft liquid silicone, Oppo have provided two new types of ear caps, which are easy to breathe in the half-in-ear style, stable and comfortable in the shallow-ear style, and open a new mode of light breathing and comfortable wearing. It features, innovative 4.6g, 2 ear cap sizes, wearing mode, soft mouth design.

Oppo Enco Free full specifications

Oppo ENCO Free Design

Oppo ENCO Free have adopted the design of spiritual light. The sliding room opens the wisdom of life. Under the ingenious arc transition at the bottom of the headset, the visual perception of the cut-off line like a wired headset is improved, and the complete streamer arc has inspired the aesthetic inspiration.

Battary Life of Oppo ENCO Free

25 hours of battery life, heavy gospel for users. The headset is equipped with a charging case, and the music listening time is 25 hours, and the longest call is 15 hours; the earphone is disconnected from the charging case, the music is 5 hours, and the longest call is 3 hours. Faster charging for longer battery life, even heavy users can be used all day. 3 + 12 hours 5 + 20 hours music battery life.

Oppo ENCO Free


When you open the cover, you can even open the cover and pop up the window in one go Click to pair. You can access the automatic quick connection every time you use it. Before you put on the headset, you are already in use.

Oppo ENCO Free Full Specifications

Oppo ENCO Free Price

Although official website did not give information on the price of Oppo ENCO Free, according to netizens, this headset has a display quote before, the price is 699 yuan (about 7000₹ INR), if there is no accident this afternoon, the price should be like this. (Update – Above Price is Officially Confirmed)

Oppo Enco Free Price


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