Samsung Foldable Flip Phone Hands on Images leaks

Samsung Foldable Flip Phone hands on images

Samsung Foldable Flip Phone Live images

Today, the digital blogger Wang Benhong exposed the real picture of a Samsung foldable flip phone, let’s take a look.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is folded left and right, the phone in the picture is folded up and down, similar to the previous clamshell design, except that the middle screen is folded together. This design is similar to the new Razr released by Motorola, but The four bezels of this phone are basically the same width, and there is no Razr’s large chin design, but the bezels look quite wide.

In addition, the machine also uses a hole-in-display design for front camera, the hole is located in the middle of the top of the screen, the back of the machine is also equipped with horizontal dual cameras and next to camera, there is led flash.


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