Vivo X30 Pro Official Introduction, Difference between X30, Price Specs And FuntouchOS 10

Vivo X30 Pro Official Introduction

Vivo X30 Pro Official Introduction

Vivo X30 and Vivo X30 Pro Official Introduction Along With FuntouchOS 10

Vivo X30 Series


Vivo have equipped the X30 series with the Exynos 980 chip jointly developed with Samsung, which supports the SA & NSA dual-module network. In the 4G-5G dual connection state, the theoretical peak download rate can reach 3.55Gbps. Exynos 980 adopts A77 architecture, which improves performance by 20% compared to the previous generation A76.

Vivo X30 Series Powered by Samsung Exynos 980


The X30 series uses a large combination of 4350mAh large battery + 33W vivo FlashCharge. The large battery capacity + super fast charging speed, which can easily meet user’s power needs and let users say goodbye to power anxiety.

Vivo X30 Series Battery and Charging

Vivo X30 Pro Camera Capabilities

On the X30 series, Vivo devote ingenuity and polish professional imaging products. The rear four cameras of the X30 Pro gather the golden focal lengths commonly used in professional photography: the classic 135mm focal length in telephoto photography, the lively 50mm focal length for portrait shooting, the 26mm focal length with wide applicability, and the 16mm focal length with a wide field of view.

Vivo full-focus imaging system

Vivo X30 Pro Periscope Super-telephoto

The X30 Pro uses a 13-megapixel periscope super-telephoto solution, with a large lens with a focal length of 135mm into a small mobile phone. In order to give full play to the capabilities of the periscope super telephoto lens, our imaging team has continuously polished at the software level to bring everyone a 60x super zoom. Let ’s take a look.

Vivo X30 Pro 60x super zoom

Vivo X30 Pro Super Moon Mode

With such a powerful telephoto ability, it doesn’t matter if you shoot the moon, but we don’t want everyone to shoot the same moon and be naked. The X30 series Super Moon mode allows you to easily take photos with both a big moon and a beautiful night scene, and discover more beautiful scenery under the moon.

Vivo X30 Pro Super Moon Mode

Vivo X30 Pro 50mm professional portrait lens

In order to restore more beautiful you, we customized a 50mm focal length professional portrait lens with SLR specifications, with a large aperture of F2.0, and a Samsung GD1 sensor with a maximum of 32 megapixels, allowing you to take portraits Real and alive.

50mm professional portrait lens

Vivo professional portrait mode

We have created a professional portrait mode for the X30 series: the eye tracking function comparable to professional photographic equipment, a portrait smart mask that brings PS-level refined effects, and a backlight portrait that is clearly visible in both highlights and shadows Realize the new super night scene portrait of people, let you enjoy the beauty of professional portrait photography.

Vivo professional portrait mode

Professional Imaging System

The power of X30 series imaging system is not limited to zoom and portrait: 64 megapixel’s super clear main camera, with wide applicability and excellent night scene performance; 8 megapixel wide-angle macro lens, wide range of shooting world Secret; laser focus and color temperature sensor make taking pictures easier.

Professional Imaging System

Camera Function in third party Applications

Douyin creation is one of the most commonly used video production methods, and in most cases, only the main camera can be invoked. We have cooperated deeply with Douyin to open the full-focus vivo imaging system to Douyin. When you use the X30 series to record vibrato videos, you can record your life through a wide-angle lens, portrait lens, and periscope lens.

Joint Douyin Platform

Vivo X30 Pro Camera Module

64Mp main camera S5KGW1
32Mp 2X telephoto + portrait S5KGD1
12Mp 5X periscope telephoto S5K3M5
8Mp super wide-angle/macro hi846 (Hynix)
Front : 32Mp S5KGD1

How powerful is the photography capability of the X30 series? The following Vivo X30 Series Official Introduction Video give you the answer.

Vivo X30 | Vivo X30 Pro Official Introduction

Industrial ultra-small hole pole screen

In recent years, vivo has been an innovator and leader of screen technology. The X30 series will use an exclusive custom ultra-small hole pole screen with a hole diameter of only 2.98mm. However, a 32-megapixel camera is installed to fully satisfy your front camera experience.

Vivo X30 Series Industrial ultra-small hole screen

Vivo ultra-small hole XDR screen

The X30 series of ultra-small hole XDR screens have excellent performance in all scenes: 1200nit local peak brightness, so you are not afraid of direct sunlight; the latest luminous material with P3 color gamut, the screen is gorgeous and reduces the screen Power consumption; 2 million to 1 ultra-high contrast, making the picture more realistic and clear.

Vivo X30 Series XDR screen, vivo x30 pro Official introduction

GX Screen Fingerprint

We have brought the GX generation optical screen fingerprint solution on the X30 Pro. Compared with the previous generation, the photosensitive area is 61% higher. The unlocking time is only 0.29 seconds, and it can be opened at the touch of a button. It is also equipped with a face unlocking scheme to let you see it at a glance.

Vivo X30 Pro GX Screen Fingerprint

New Color Matching

Vivo X30 Pro and X30 will be available in three colors namely: faint pink-orange, deep black and cloud-white.

Difference Between Vivo X30 and Vivo X30 Pro

Vivo FuntouchOS 10 Official Introduction

Vivo process daemon technology

In the newly released Funtouch OS 10, Vivo launched the vivo process daemon technology based on the bottom layer of the system. It can continue to clean up exceptions to third-party processes, making the system smoother. In practical applications, the dead rate of third-party applications is reduced by 80%.

Vivo FuntouchOS 10 process daemon technology

Original Design

Funtouch OS 10 adheres to the original design philosophy in design. We repainted the desktop icons so that you can clearly distinguish each application intuitively, with consistent internal and external perception. In addition, we use more restrained colors, more beautiful lines and more rhythmic rhythms to bring a new system dynamics. In different scenarios, you will have more choices.

Vivo FuntouchOS 10 Original Design

Animation effect

The live wallpaper jointly created with artist Roman will make the screen opening moment more artistic and interactive. The off screen clock will change with time to bring a better visual experience.

Vivo FuntouchOS 10 Animation effect

Favorite magnetic nails

Funtouch OS 10 adds the function of favorite magnetic nails. It can suspend and collect the articles and videos you want to see on the side of the screen with two fingers, and easily call up anytime, anywhere.

Vivo FuntouchOS 10 Favorite magnetic nails

Application sharing

Funtouch OS 10’s application sharing function can share the video you are watching to the other party’s mobile phone in one click, and you can also hand over the application to the other party to control, letting you share the beauty of the world with your friends.

Vivo FuntouchOS 10 Application Sharing

Let’s explore the new features of Funtouch OS 10 Official Introduction Video.

Vivo FuntouchOS 10 Official Introduction

Vivo X30 Series Price, Storage Options and Availability

Vivo X30 Pro 8GB + 128GB version sells for 3998 yuan, 8GB + 256GB version 4298 yuan.
Vivo X30 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 3298 yuan, 8GB + 256GB version is 3598 yuan.

Vivo X30 Price and Specifications
Vivo X30 Pro Price and Specifications

Pre-booking of Vivo X30 Series will be start tonight, and it will be officially available on December 24.

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