Redmi K30 Display characteristics: Why Yellowing?

Redmi officially released the new Redmi K30 series mobile phone, but the design of the digging screen has once again caused the yellowing of the digging screen. In this regard, Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, also popularized the digging screen scheme used by the Redmi K30 display.

Why Redmi K30 Display yellowing near punch hole?

Lu Weibing first introduced the characteristics of the LCD screen: the LCD liquid crystal layer is only 3μm, very thin and very fragile material. The liquid crystal layer is covered with two parallel layers of glass (CF color film and TFT substrate). The two glasses are ideal. In the state of maintaining parallel, the liquid crystal theoretically does not yellow, only when the parallel state of the two layers of glass is broken, the screen will yellow when the uniformity of the liquid crystal changes.

Redmi K30 Display

At the same time, Lu Weibing also introduced two major advantages of the new generation of Redmi K30 digging screen:

  1. Upgrade “thickened glass”. Two layers of glass are strengthened to increase the overall thickness by 14% and increase the structural strength;
  2. Increase the density of support columns. A large number of PS support pillars are added around the hole, and the density of the support pillars is much higher than that of ordinary screens, ensuring the stability of the two glass structures around the hole.
Redmi K30 Display

At the same time, Lu Weibing added that the Redmi K30 uses new processes including low-shrink polarizers and upgraded dispensing technology, all of which allow the screen structure to achieve long-term stability.

In addition to this,

Redmi K30 uses the industry’s smallest LCD aperture and has a diameter of only 4.38mm. Why we can be the smallest can be summarized as “three reductions”.

  1. Reduce the camera size: using a miniature front lens;
  1. Reduce the dispensing width: Optimize the dispensing process, improve the dispensing ability, reduce the width but ensure the strength;
  2. Reduce the border around the hole: K30 uses black nickel plating technology around the hole, greatly Reduce the black border around the digging hole, and effectively prevent light leakage.

Redmi K30 Official Unboxing

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