Vivo X30 Production Line; Producing 1,00,000 Units Daily

Vivo X30 Production Line Video

Today Vivo held a 5G open day event in campus of Dongguan. To better understand, Vivo also released Vivo X30 Production line video, in which we can see assembling of vivo x30 pro.

Vivo X30 Production Line Video

Production base of Vivo in Dongguan is currently producing Vivo X30 series. According to official vivo weibo, the production of the vivo X30 series has basically completed it’s capacity climb, and the current daily output is close to 1,00,000 units.

Vivo 5G Open Day Event

Vivo’s today’s event is nominally called on the vivo to invite the media to visit the new headquarters and factory they used only in May this year, but the more important fact is to prepare for the vivo X30 series 5G mobile phones that will be officially released on the 16th.

The vivo X30 series is unique in that it is equipped with the Exynos 980 dual-mode 5G AI chip jointly developed with Samsung. What’s more interesting is that this chip was first used in vivo phones instead of Samsung phones.

We all know that to enjoy 5G services, consumers must first have 5G mobile phones, and the launch of 5G mobile phones depends largely on the maturity of 5G chips. This time, vivo, as a mobile phone manufacturer; actively participated in the development of Samsung’s chip in order to promote the rapid popularization of 5G.

Vivo X30 Series’s Special Features

It is understood that the current appearance of the vivo X30 series mobile phones has been officially announced; the vivo X30 series mobile phones use the design of the hole screen, from the rendering point of view, the holes are relatively small. The rear four cameras adopt a periscope super-telephoto solution, which supports 60x super zoom, 50mm professional portrait and human eye tracking. In color matching, it has three colors: marine blue, coral red and bright black.

Finally, the vivo X30 series of 5G mobile phones will be released in Guilin on December 16th.

Here is a complete playlist of Vivo X30 Series’s Video collection.

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