Redmi K30 Hands On Photo And Official Poster Leaked

Redmi K30 Hands On Photos and Official Poster

As previously reported that the actor Wang Yibo will endorse Redmi K30 series mobile phones. Weibo blogger exposed a poster of Wang Yibo holding Redmi K30 mobile phone.

Redmi K30 Series Official Poster

Today, weibo blogger known as “Weibo Star” has posted a photo of Wang Yibo holding an unknown 5G new phone; which is suspected one of Redmi K30 series. From the photos, Wang Yibo’s mobile phone has two front camera in pill type hole-in-display design in the upper right corner. The status bar’s “5G” logo is obvious. The status bar UI design is similar to MIUI.

Xiaomi Group vice president and general manager of Redmi Redmi brand Lu Weibing just posted a post to warm up Redmi K30, and said that Redmi will not only bring 5G to young users who love new technology, but also bring more high-end features first released to Redmi users to create personalized, diverse, hardcore and interesting products. This is also a new upgrade of Redmi’s product strategic layout and brand concept.

Lu Weibing Post on weibo prompting Redmi K30 Series

It should be noted that the redmi K30 promotional copy announced by Lu Weibing is consistent with the above announced Wang Yibo ’s slogan holding the Redmi K30 mobile phone poster. This seems to “suggest” from the side that Wang Yibo will be the spokesperson for the Redmi K30 series, and also indirectly confirms the relevant rumors of the Redmi K30’s back design are true, but there is currently no official “showdown”.

Based on the existing information, Redmi K30 is Redmi’s first 5G mobile phone and supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G. In terms of core configuration, the Redmi K30 will use a front dual punch design, and the processor will be equipped with the new 5G mobile platform of the Snapdragon 7 series.

For the Redmi K30 Pro it is expected that it will come with MediaTek Dimensity 1000 processor. At the same time, according to the 3C certification information query, there are currently 4 Xiaomi 5G mobile phones that have passed the certification, one of which supports 66W fast charging; these four phones should include Redmi K30 series phones.

From this point of view, next year’s Xiaomi 5G mobile phone supports dual-mode 5G is basically stable, but entry and low-end models may still be 4G networks.

In other respects, Lu Weibing once said that the K30 series will debut a high-pixel sensor (IMX686?), Which is expected to support multiple zooms, while built-in liquid cooling, and rumors will also suggest high refresh rate screens (120Hz?).

It is also worth mentioning that at this conference, Redmi will also launch IoT products such as routers and smart speakers, which is worth looking forward to. Redmi K30 Series will be officially announced on 10th December.

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