ZTE MiFavor 10 Officially announced new Features

ZTE MiFavor 10 Introduction

This morning, ZTE officially released MiFavor 10, a new smartphone operating system. The 1600+ system icon of the ZTE MiFavor 10 system uses smooth rounded corners, supports dark mode, and uses a black background with white text to bring a better nighttime visual experience.

The 1600+ system icon of the MiFavor 10 system is designed with smooth rounded corners. 80+ system icons are designed for micro-motion effects.

MiFavor 10 System Icons

ZTE MiFavor 10 system supports dark mode and uses a black background with white text to bring a better nighttime visual experience.

MiFavor 10 Dark Mode

MiFavor 10 system optimizes the motion curve and improves the motion of each scene in gesture navigation. Long-tap the screen with two fingers to quickly identify the screen content. Text content can be directly extracted, edited, shared and searched.

This new system supports scene-based search, which can wake up the voice assistant “Xiaoxing” in a variety of ways, and supports full voice control such as “red envelope” and other commonly used WeChat functions.

The MiFavor 10 system is equipped with a natural semantic engine to improve search efficiency and accuracy. It also adds a new floating notification when playing games, adds a full-screen small window reply, and can display the chat interface in the form of a small window on the video.

MiFavor 10 floating Notification

It also supports picture classification, support for screen usage time, application usage ranking, and in emergency situations, you can press the power button 5 times in a row to send pre-set emergency contacts with help messages with location information.

ZTE said that MiFavor 10 will launch upgrade plans in the near future. Models that have been confirmed for upgrade include ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G and 4G versions, ZTE Blade V10, and ZTE Axon 9 Pro.

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