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Vivo Innovation in 2019 and Thanksgiving

Vivo Innovation in 2019

Year 2019 is near ending, Today Vivo published headline article for thanksgiving to customer and to highlight Vivo Innovation in 2019.

2019 is a year full of surprises for vivo. In this year we have gained a lot growth. But every step of growth cannot be separated from your support. Today is Thanksgiving and we want to review 2019 with you; Thank you for being with you for another year.

January 18

Vivo launches global brand upgrade plan

Vivo New Logo
Vivo New Logo

Visual elements such as brand logos and colors redefined with a simpler and more agile design aesthetic that reflects the youth, technology and fashion of vivo.

January 24

Vivo releases APEX 5G concept machine

Vivo APEX 5G concept, vivo innovation in 2019
Vivo APEX 5G concept

In addition to full-screen fingerprint recognition, dual-sensor hidden buttons, advanced technology such as zero-hole speakers, also with full 5G functions vivo create a new form of mobile phone.

March 1

Sub-brand iQOO mobile phone comes out

Vivo's Sub-brand iQOO, vivo Innovation in 2019
Vivo’s Sub-brand iQOO

With “born strong” product concept, iQOO won the favor of many users. IQOO Pro 5G under the brand occupies the first position in the 5G mobile phone sales list.

March 22

Vivo’s first concept store officially opens

Vivo's first concept store
Vivo’s first concept store

Vivo’s first concept store-Shenzhen Sea World Concept Store, with a unique spaceship shape; And many cool digital interactive devices in the store. It has become a new landmark for young people to take photos and punch cards.

June 26 to June 28

MWC 2019 Shanghai

MWC 2019 · Shanghai
MWC 2019 · Shanghai

vivo brings iQOO 5G phone, vivo AR glasses, etc., 5G smart terminals participate in MWC 2019 Shanghai, Comprehensive display of the new smart life in the 5G era.

August 22

The first manufacturers with 5G mobile phones

Iqoo pro 5g

Vivo is also the first manufacturer to have a 5G phone. On August 22, Vivo released the first commercial 5G phone iQOO Pro. In addition to the landing of 5G, this phone is also extremely shocking in terms of hardware configuration.

September 16

New 5G Smart flagship NEX 3 5G released

Vivo Nex 3 5G
Vivo Nex 3 5G

On September 16, vivo released brand new 5G smart flagship NEX 3 5G. This was a masterpiece of many black technologies, equipped with 5G communication technology; a 64-megapixel rear camera, and through the design of the unbounded waterfall screen breaking through the limit of the front screen of the mobile phone again.

November 7

Dual-mode 5G AI chip-Exynos 980

Dual-mode 5G AI chip-Exynos 980
Dual-mode 5G AI chip-Exynos 980

Vivo and Samsung showcase joint R & D results in Beijing – Dual-mode 5G AI chip Exynos 980 which supports two networking modes: NSA and SA. Which results can bring users a new and complete 5G high-speed experience and Innovative technology with changing products.

Dual-mode 5G AI chip-Exynos 980

This year of vivo 2019

Never stopped challenging and exploring existing technologies; As of this year, we have been in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places established 9 R & D centers and 5 production bases only to bring you more exciting and advanced products.

Q1 2019

Vivo holds fifth in global market share, China has the second largest market share , and India and Indonesia both rank third rank. At the same time, In China’s 5G mobile phone market in the third quarter; vivo takes the first place with a 54.3% share. Of course, all of this is inseparable from your support and company.

Vivo Thanksgiving program

At the same time, the people of vivo don’t forget to give back to the society, Every year we will provide 23500 Ge employment opportunities for junior staff and 200000 Ge jobs store sales down the line. For More Aspiring People, Provide a broad development platform.

Until today

Vivo already have 300 million active users worldwide
Established sub-brand iQOO, released the first 5G mobile phone
Vivo’s 2019 is a year of rapid growth
Thanks to fellow travelers and witnesses along the way
Thank you for your company and support
Hope for the future
We can meet with more exciting products.

Source ( Vivo Weibo – in Chinese )

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