Vivo X30 5G Official video Released first look

Vivo X30 5G Official Video: With Periscope Super Telephoto

Vivo X30 5G Official Video, First Look and Periscope Super Telephoto Lens

Vivo official just announced the vivo X30 official video, and said that the aircraft will be equipped with periscope super telephoto. The official back view of the real machine shows that the back of the vivo X30 has a curved surface design and a purple gradient color matching. In addition, the machine does not seem to have a volume button, only one power button; the square periscope lens is particularly conspicuous, below it is flash.

Vivo X30 5G Official Video

According to the scene pictures exposed before, the front of the vivo X30 in the poster will use a true full screen without bangs, without holes and no water drops. If there is no accident, the lift front plan should be adopted, and the overall screen ratio is very large. High, in the back of the fuselage, the machine will be rear three cameras, there is a disclosure that the vivo X30 will be equipped with a 60x periscope zoom lens.

Vivo X30 5G Official first look in promotional video
Vivo X30 5G Official first look

Vivo X30 5G version will also launch Samsung Exynos 980 processor, using the most advanced A77 architecture, performance is 20% better than A76 architecture, integrated with Mali-G76 MP5 GPU, with built-in 5G baseband chip also supports SA and NSA 5G dual module network.

Vivo X30 5G Official video Released first look
Vivo X30 5G Official first look


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