ColorOS 7 Features: Hands on, Promo, Supported Device List and Release Date

OPPO ColorOS 7

OPPO ColorOS 7

Oppo ColorOS 7 Features Official Introduction

Beijing time this afternoon, OPPO held the ColorOS 7 conference in Beijing. It is understood that the current ColorOS global users have more than 300 million, the products are directed to more than 40 countries and regions, translated into more than 80 languages. The official also brings some details of ColorOS 7 features, let’s take a look.

ColorOS 7 Official Introduction
ColorOS 7 Features

ColorOS 7 Features

The edgeless concept evolves again: a more comfortable color system that slows down visual fatigue; icons are lighter and more diverse, support custom shape size; new Art+ artist wallpapers for a higher quality desktop experience.


ColorOS 7 cooperates with the well-known Danish sound company episound to systematically design the sound of the simple human language, simulate the sound of the real physical world, and make it simple and simple, add OPPO Relax new sound effect, soothing emotions.


The system page is simplified, and the interaction and experience are lighter. The new half-screen interactive, the task processing is the most lightweight; the new three-finger area screen capture function, the operation is simple and more efficient; the all-weather dark mode can also be superimposed with the eye protection mode for a more comfortable visual experience.

Quantum’s new quantum animation engine for high frame rate, using Bezier curve difference to describe the slow start motion of the element, in line with the speed and inertia of physical intuition, the new ColorOS 7 System animation for a smoother and more interactive experience.

The ColorOS 7 system page is fully customized. In addition to the desktop and notifications, you can also set details such as phone, SMS, calendar, notes, charging animation and video clock to bring more rich personality experience.


UI First, speed up! oComp end cloud intelligent compilation, with oMem intelligent memory optimization and active scheduling of oSense processor, the application startup speed and system resource utilization efficiency are improved, the system fluency is improved by 30%, the game frame rate is higher, and the touch response is faster.

Whether you are anxiously waiting for the driver, waiting for the hero to resurrect, or following the navigation, the key information of various pages is displayed in a shallow layer, and the flashback button is easy to switch applications.

Breeno recommends that you push the message precisely according to the rhythm of life; Breeno driving mode, free your hands; Breeno sleep mode, help you sleep well; Breeno automatic instructions, custom trigger scenes and operations, automatically connect to Wi- home Fi, go to the company to remind you to punch in to automate the repetitive things.

Portrait Beauty 2.0, Polar Night Mode, Super Anti-Shake, novice can also be a one-click Soloop video recorder, new album interaction, from shooting to editing to sharing, to give you simple Convenient creative experience.

ColorOS TEE trusted environment stores password book to ensure data security; instantly recognize sensitive permission application information, quickly jump off and protect real-time privacy; APP permission usage record can be tracked for 30 days to protect privacy leakage.

Oppo ColorOS 7 Supported Device List and Release Date

OPPO announced that OPPO Reno 3 series will be the first colorOS 7, support dual-mode 5G, will 12 moon phase.

Oppo Reno 3 first to feature ColorOS 7

2019.11.25 : Reno, Reno inspired version, Reno 10x zoom version, Reno Barcelona custom version, Reno Ace Reno Ace up to version

2019.12 : Reno2

2020 Q1 : Reno2 Z, RenoZ, FindX, Find X Lamborghini Edition, Find X Super Flash Edition, R17, R17 New Year Edition, R17 Pro, R17 Pro New Year Edition, R17 Pro King Custom Edition, R17 Pro Pikachu Custom Edition, K5

2020 Q2 : R15, R15 Dream Edition K3, A9, A9x, A11A11x

2020.02 : realme X, realme X youth version

2020.03 : realme Q

2020.04 : realme X2, realme X2 Pro

ColorOS 7 Hands On Experience Videos

ColorOS 7 Hands On Experience
ColorOS 7 Hands On Experience


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