Xiaomi Core Technology Appearance: Mix Alpha 1st Time Explained

Xiaomi core technology collective appearance

On November 19th, Xiaomi held the 2019 Xiaomi Developers Conference in Beijing. At conference, Xiaomi Group vice president, group technical committee chairman Cui Baoqiu first disclosed the technical details of the MIX Alpha surround screen, while also unveiled a large number of Xiaomi core technologies, including imaging technology, depth Learning framework MACE, natural language processing MiNLP, Xiao ai assistant 3.0 and so on.

Xiaomi Core Technology

Xiaomi Core Technology

  1. Mix Alpha

Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi Group and chairman of the group’s technical committee, said that Xiaomi MIX Alpha has used the original surround screen design to explore a possibility of future mobile phone form.

Xiaomi Mix Alpha

MIX Alpha has three core technologies, namely, the first surround screen bonding technology, four-antenna dynamic switching technology solution, display and interactive software solutions, side screen display status bar, full back screen to provide smart reminders, no need to flip the phone Automatically switch between front and back screen, intelligent scene recognition and anti-missing.

Cui Baoqiu said: “The software solution for surround screen display and interaction is a software solution independently developed by Xiaomi, neither Google nor friends.”

  1. Xiao Ai Assistant 3.0 – Voice Assistant

Xiao Ai Assistant 3.0 is also officially launched today. It is the first voice assistant to realize natural continuous dialogue on mobile phones, supports full-duplex natural continuous dialogue, and provides a male version, as well as AI telephone assistant, voice remote control, and small love shortcut. 2.0 and other functions.

Xiaomi XIAO AI Assistant 3.0 Introduction Videos
  1. Image Technology

In terms of image technology, the official said that Xiaomi CC9 Pro won the first place in DxOMark, and the portrait algorithm helped CC9 Pro achieve high scores in super wide-angle distortion correction, as well as AI camera, night scene algorithm, HDR algorithm, etc., and it is expected to be decentralized to Xiaomi and Other models of Redmi.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro
  1. Earthquakes l Warning Function

Xiaomi also introduced the earthquake warning function at this developer conference. It is the world’s first mobile phone + consumer AioT platform for operating system-level access to earthquake warning, and open research and development experience to the global peers for free.

  1. Redmi K30 5G Release time

In addition, At the conference, Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Group, announced that the Redmi K30 5G dual-mode mobile phone will be released in December.

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