Sony IMX362; Meizu 16T Camera Review

Meizu 16T Camera Review | Sony IMX362

Meizu 16T is a model with a more fragrant aroma. The hardware configuration includes Snapdragon 855, UFS 3.0 flash memory, 4500 mAh battery and Sony IMX362. However, in order to reach the starting price of 1999 yuan (about 20,000₹ INR ), it made a compromise on the camera.

Sony IMX362 on Meizu 16T

Camera Configuration

The main camera uses the IMX362 sensor with a CMOS area of ​​1/2.55 inches and a 1.4μm unit pixel with a f/1.9, 12 megapixel 24mm lens. The sub-photographs are 8 megapixels and 15mm super wide-angle and 5 megapixel 23mm portrait lenses. Specifically, how this master imaging quality is, we will interpret through laboratory data and proofs.

Nyquist frequency

In our standard laboratory test, the Meizu 16T has exceeded the value of the Nyquist frequency by 1500LP/PH in the 600 Lux illumination environment of the D65 light source, that is, the resolution can reach the maximum limit of the image sensor. This result is basically At present, the standards of various mobile phone manufacturers are standard.

Meizu 16t’s IMX362 Nyquist frequency

Sony IMX362: Bright Environment

In the case of sufficient light, Meizu 16T’s performance is still quite good, visible from the outdoor proofs, the color is very accurate during the daytime, although 12 megapixels limit its play to a certain extent, but as long as it is not magnified to see the details, look and feel not bad.

Bright Environment Photography
Bright Environment Photography

When you zoom in, there is a sense of smearing at the details. Note that the edges of the intersection of red and green are even like the strokes of oil painting.

Dark Environment

The dark scene has always been more demanding on the performance of mobile photography. In the current situation where the mobile phone is generally small, it can only be slanted by increasing the shutter time, improving the ISO or using the stack and other technologies. The night view of Meizu 16T is generally acceptable. For example, in the non-extreme dark environment, the nighttime outdoor environment is relatively pure, ISO value 445, no obvious noise. The overall white balance is accurate, the exposure control is good, and there is almost no overexposure in the highlight area.

Low Light photography

However, Meizu 16T does not have optical image stabilization. In the extreme low brightness, in order to maintain a low shutter time, the dark part exposure can only be enhanced by violently pulling up the ISO, which will affect the dark environment to some extent. The purity of the picture.

It can be seen from the following proofs that the upper and lower proofs are open night scene mode and no night scene mode respectively. The night scene mode is not turned on, the overall picture will show more noise, and the smear feeling is relatively inconspicuous. At this time, the ISO also reaches 5333, which opens the super night scene. The smear will increase a lot, and the ISO drops to 4442.

It can be seen from the figure that the noise reduction intensity appears to be too large when the night scene mode is turned on, resulting in a white area smearing and a lot of detail loss. Moreover, the hue of the whole picture is also problematic, and it will appear cyan. If the night scene mode is not turned on, although there is more noise, it can be exchanged for the details of the object.

Turn on night mode
Night scene mode is not turned on

Color Reproduction

Now mobile phone photography is divided into two genres, realistic and gorgeous, then the color performance of Meizu 16T, we look at the results measured in the laboratory, in the bright environment, the contrast of Meizu 16T has been raised, mainly reflected in the pull Low dark color and improved bright color treatment, the look will be brighter.

Sony IMX362 iQ-Analyser Delta-L

The performance of saturation is relatively close to reality, without too much color rendering, it can be seen that the 16T style is mainly aimed at restoring true colors.

Sony IMX362 iQ-Analyser Delta-C

Overall, the Meizu 16T has achieved a satisfactory result on a limited number of photosensitive elements, with stable daylight performance and accurate color. If you don’t zoom in on the picture often, the imaging effect will still satisfy the user.

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