Liu Jun: Lenovo will Launch Motorola RAZR 5G in China

Motorola RAZR 5G

Motorola RAZR 5G

Motorola Razr 5G

At the 5th Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference, Liu Jun, executive vice president and president of Lenovo Group of China, revealed in an interview with Sina Technology that Motorola’s folding mobile phone Razr 2019 is not listed in China for the time being, “but it will definitely When you get it in China, it will be a Motorola RAZR 5G mobile phone. Our products are excellent and the number of folding times is 100,000 times.”

Liu Jun

Talking about transformational change: the future direction is to directly contact consumers

Liu Jun said that Lenovo has been promoting “customer-centric transformation”. “Everyone may feel more about C-side business for Lenovo, but in fact C-side business accounts for less than 40% in China. Lenovo is more B. “The company,” he said, the C-side business model has been completely in direct contact with consumers, but in the past it was sold to customers through channels, and the future direction is to directly contact consumers.

“We have made changes in the past two years. In the case of poor PC business, we are constantly innovating with new tools, bringing closer relationships with our customers and serving our customers.”

He said that Lenovo has two capabilities: customer service and innovation. The former is close to customers, and Lenovo is one of the most important IT suppliers of Chinese companies. “In the past many years, we have been very good at serving customers in China, which is a driving force.” In addition, there have been a lot of innovations in practice, and these innovations can be shared.

Talking about folding screen mobile phone: technical difficulty is not small but the product is excellent

This year is the 5G first year, Liu Jun said that he is optimistic about 5G. “I think 5G is a strong shot for the mobile phone market.”

When talking about Lenovo’s new folding mobile phone motorola Razr, Liu Jun said frankly that this product has technical problems in China, because Chinese operators do not support E-SIM. “First of all, we must take this product to China and get it. The domestic product should be a 5G product. Now don’t say anything, the next step is CES.”

In addition, the folding screen product technology is not difficult, “How can it really be completely combined? How many times can it be folded? This reliability is very important. Our products are excellent, will be listed, the standard of folding times is 10 ten thousand times.”

Motorola RAZR 2019 Hand On

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