Honor V30 Camera Set-up

Honor V30 Camera Sample and Official Teaser Released

Honor V30 Official Teaser

Honor today Officially released set of promotional videos of upcoming Honor V30 series. Which one of video accidentally uncovered honor V30 camera set-up design and rear look. Unfortunately honor removed that video, but before removal it got spread on weibo. Vice President of honor brand also released Honor V30 camera sample. Let’s take a look !!!

Honor V30 Official Teaser ( re-uploaded | original source deleted )
Honor V30 Official Teaser #2 ( re-uploaded)

As we can see in above screenshot, honor v30 rear camera is located in top corner in rectangular design.

Yesterday, Honor officially announced that the honor V30 series and 5G Wisdom full scene conference will be held in Beijing on November 26th. This afternoon, Xiong Junmin, vice president of the glory business department (product), first exposed the camera sample from honor V30 mobile phone on Weibo, showing the details of the camera.

Honor V30 is expected to be equipped with upcoming Sony IMX686 sensor which rumoured 60 megapixel sensor. ( Unconfirmed ).

Honor V30 Camera Sample

The vice president of the honor business department, published an article discussing the significance of stacked pixels for mobile photography.

He said that Beijing’s recent weather is good, and the weekend is taken with the honor V30, for everyone to see. This week, many netizens asked me about the problem of mobile phone images. Although the size of the mobile phone is limited by the size of the mobile phone, the optical devices of the major manufacturers are close to the ceiling, but when they jump out of the original pattern, they will see that the mobile phone image has far-reaching unknowns. Space is waiting to be opened.

Regarding the honor V30 series, according to Zhao Ming, president of Huawei’s honor business department, the honor V30 series comes standard with NSA and SA dual-mode 5G, and is expected to be equipped with the Kirin 990 5G SoC. In addition, there are new AI technologies, including a combination of virtual reality.

This morning, Xiong Junmin, vice president of the honor business department, also had some questions about mobile photography in Weibo. The old bear said that under the same conditions, the improvement of the pixel can bring about the improvement of the definition, but the development of mobile photography to today is far from enough. The number of pixels and the size of a single pixel cannot be increased infinitely like a SLR camera. At present, it is getting closer to the ceiling of the mobile phone space; therefore, simply stacking optical devices and increasing the linear number of pixels has come to an end.

Xiong Junmin said that Honor has been exploring new technical directions in the imaging technology. On the upcoming Honor V30, we will show you the achievements of glory in image technology. It is understood that in the camera aspect, the honor V30 series mobile phone will adopt the latest “Camera Matrix” photographic algorithm technology, and it is expected that this mobile phone’s Matrix technology will bring new breakthroughs in imagery; the official poster also indicates that this time is “prepared Come here.”

Finally, the Honor V30 series will be officially released in Beijing on November 26th, so stay tuned.

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