Mi Note 10/ CC9 Pro display Provided by Visionox

Mi note 10 display providers

Xiaomi official confirmation, C99 PRO and Mi Note Display Provided by Visionox

Xiaomi has officially released CC9 Pro/Note 10 with 100 million pixel CMOS. It has been reported that the screens used by these two phones are different depending on the version. Executive Pan Jiutang also responded today via Weibo; and said Xiaomi cc9 pro/ Mi note 10 display is provided by Visionox.

Pan Jiutang ( Partner of Xiaomi Industry Investment Department ) said that the Mi Note 10/ Xiaomi CC9 Pro domestic and foreign versions are domestically produced flexible OLED screens, and there is no screen from Korean suppliers.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro/ Mi Note 10 Display Provided by Visionox

The flexible screen used by Xiaomi Note 10/CC9 Pro is provided by domestic OLED panel company Visionox. The 6.47-inch hyperboloid flexible AMOLED screen used by Xiaomi CC9 Pro has FHD+ resolution, over 400,000 contrast ratio, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, game mode screen HDR, low-brightness image quality optimization, eye protection mode 2.0, etc. COP packaging technology, the bottom border is only 3.43mm wide.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro Unboxing


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