Jolla renewed Sailfish OS 3.2 officially released

Selfish OS 3.2

Sailfish OS 3.2 (codenamed Torronsuo) has been released, which introduces updated hardware adaptation support that allows Jolla’s mobile operating system to run on the Sony Xperia 10 operating system, introducing display control (MCE), device boot and background services. (Systemd) SELinux strategy. Mainly as follows:

Calling Experience

Sailfish OS 3.2 Onboarding Experience

This release improves the call experience. If the call originates from abroad, the country of the caller is displayed. There is also a pop-up that improves the end of the call, redesigned from the full-screen dialog to a less disturbing and lighter weight call end pop-up. It is now also possible to set a reminder to call back a missed call or to call back by long pressing the caller’s name.

Improve the new user guided experience. For example, improve the pull menu to make it easier to find.

Clock app on Sailfish OS 3.2

Sailfish OS 3.2 Clock App

This release also includes updates to the clock application, a number of enhancements and bug fixes. You can set the alarm sound interval in Settings > Apps > Clock.

And many more

• Improved battery

• Twitter runs smoother in the Sailfish browser

• Edit WLAN/WiFi networks and now offer more enterprise EAP options

• Fixed many connection issues

For details, please see the release notes : source


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